Mina Hooshangi thrives as a project manager at Boeing


Mina Hooshangi ('11, Community Psychology) is a Project Manager at The Boeing Company. A part of the Engineering community, her role specifically focuses on supporting mentoring, internships, onboarding, and skills management initiatives. Mina has used her IAS education to help her excel within three diverse positions at Boeing beginning in Quality, moving over to Employee Development, and now testing the waters with Project Management—all within a short four-year period. In addition, she serves as the Communications Chair on the Boeing Women in Leadership Executive Board.

Photo of Mina Hooshangi with students
Mina Hooshangi (center) wth students and staff

Mina recently earned her Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Seattle University. She plans to use this education to work to empower others, inside and outside of the workplace. Outside of work, Mina serves as the Fundraising Chair for the UW Bothell Alumni Council, where she works closely with alumni, faculty, and students to plan, coordinate, and promote events to help raise money for student scholarships, wherein lies her true passion.

In April 2016, Mina met with students to share how she maximized her time as a student and took advantage of career opportunities.  At UWB, Mina became deeply involved with campus life and found her passion for higher education while serving as a new student orientation leader.  This experience solidified her love for UWB, and one day she hopes to lead the campus as Chancellor!  Upon graduation, Mina sought a position that would grow her leadership capacity while developing people and project management skills.  Six months into her search, she landed her first position at Boeing, an environment where she has thrived professionally and been supported to continue her studies.  Mina shared her experiences with job searching and career development, offering advice, such as:

  • Get to know your faculty by using office hours.  Faculty have great advice and networks within and outside of higher ed.
  • Pursue internships as a student; employers are more likely to hire internal talent.
  • Use Career Services!  Career Center staff will help you develop a plan and see the possibilities.
  • Apply for as many jobs as you are qualified, and when a cover letter is not requested, attach one if “additional materials” are permitted.

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