Faculty Position Opportunities

Interested in joining the faculty at UW Bothell? For a listing of current openings and instructions on how to apply for a faculty position, please review the faculty posting page. After you navigate to the faculty postings page, there is a position description listed under “Academic Jobs.” Applicants can sort available positions by campus.

There are several ways to get hired into a faculty position at UW Bothell:

  • Course-by-course and/or quarter-by-quarter; contractually limited basis.
  • Apply to a national search for a one or multi-year appointment that is renewable up to a five year period.

Faculty Responsibilities

In addition to teaching responsibilities, full-time faculty:

  • Have service responsibilities
  • Develop new curriculum
  • Serve on committees
  • Attend faculty meetings
  • Participate in faculty governance matters

Outside Work Responsibilities

All UW postings require the statement that all UW faculty must engage in teaching, research and service. This is determined between faculty, dean or chair.

As a faculty member at University of Washington, all outside work activities must be reported. The Office of Research provides guidance on acceptability of outside work requests and other guidelines to consider when participating in work outside the University of Washington on their Outside Work for Compensation FAQ page. Form 1460 must be completed and approved through the Office of Research prior to engaging in requested effort.

Additional Information