Holistic Well-Being

Virtual classes. Virtual events. Virtual meetings.

Check, check and check.

We have all been devoted to ensuring our remote operations are running as smoothly as they can, as efficiently as possible. Can we say the same about our well-being? Are we running smoothly, efficiently? According to a cross-section of our campus community, people would like more resources to get through this difficult time.

Our OE/HR team has responded with the following resources that are open for UW employees to use to aid their holistic well-being. If you need additional resources, please email us at uwboehr@uw.edu.

If you manage others, please make space and time for your faculty and staff members to participate in these wellbeing opportunities. Be well and take care of yourself and each other.

Counseling Sessions

As faculty and staff, we are all asked to be available unconditionally to support others, and 2020 has been a year filled with challenge, adversity, injustice, inequity and disparity. Yet through this year we have responded with extraordinary resilience and compassion. To support you during this time, we want you to have easy access to additional emotional/wellbeing support.

Washington Employee Assistance Program (WA EAP)

Mental health is an important part of your overall health. Talk to a professional if you think you need counseling or other help with your mental wellbeing. With WA EAP, you get free, easy access to short-term counseling with highly trainer clinicians. Find someone who can help by using the resources on WA EAP’s website.

Meditation and Mindfulness Sessions

Below will be a list of meditation and mindfulness resources for employees. We are also exploring bi-weekly 15 meditation sessions, please reach out to us at uwboehr@uw.edu if you would like to see these offered.

Self-Led Meditations by the Whole U

The Whole U is also offering a meditation series. They are bringing this practice to the UW community with the intention to help reduce stress, increase calmness and promote happiness in the workplace. Find a comfortable seat, take a deep breath and listen to the UW faculty and staff guiding your meditation practice.

View Meditation Series

Virtual Fitness & Mindfulness Classes

The Whole U is offering virtual fitness and mindfulness classes! The classes range from a fun interactive dance class to a calm, meditation practice. To learn more about the many offerings, please visit their webpage at:

Virtual Fitness & Mindfulness Classes

The Whole U

UW faculty and staff: Experience 8 weeks of well-being in 2023!

Join the Whole U this January for DARE TO BE 2023. Many of us begin the new year with ambitious resolutions and expect our lives to change overnight. This program will help you develop small changes that last.

Starting January 9, spend 8 weeks working towards wellness areas of your choice. Each week you will receive a checklist that includes three tips or actions items from each area of well-being, helping to keep your goals front and center. Before you know it, these habits will become part of your routine.

Dare to prioritize health and well-being in 2023: click here to register!

UW Office of Ombud

The Office of the Ombud serves the entire university community by providing a collaborative and confidential environment to discuss your situation, raise issues, consider your options, and develop a plan for the future

Visit here to schedule an appointment.

UW Resiliency Lab

The UW Resilience Lab promotes well-being at the University of Washington through education, research partnerships, and our core programs and initiatives. The have created a guidebook that promotes well-being and supports the whole student.

Well-Being for Life & Learning Guidebook

Outside Resources

Greater Good Magazine

Greater Good Science Center offers a free online magazine that turns scientific research into stories, tips and tools for a happier life and a more compassionate society. Some of the tools include quizzes, podcasts and videos.

View Greater Good Magazine

WA Listens

WA Listens is a new program that provides nonclinical support to people experiencing elevated stress due to COVID-19

To learn more, visit WA Listens.