Faculty Governance Structure at UW Tri-Campus

One of the roles of the UW Bothell General Faculty Organization (GFO) is to coordinate the work of faculty as leaders both at the campus and institution level. The videos below describe the structure and purpose of shared faculty governance.

UW Faculty Shared Governance Organizational Chart

Message from the GFO Chair

UW Bothell School Elected
Faculty Councils (EFCs)

EFCs are school-level faculty governance bodies where the main shared governance takes place between the faculty and the Dean. EFCs advice the Deans on issues related to faculty work.

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UW Bothell General Faculty
Organization (GFO) Councils

GFO serves as the forum for faculty deliberation and for the conveyance of faculty recommendations to campus administration. GFO is currently organized around 5 councils.

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UW Faculty Councils

Faculty Councils are tri-campus in scope and are charged by the Faculty Senate to work on issues related to university functions, operations, standards. Councils are composed of faculty from all 3 campuses.

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UW Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate is a legislative body that interacts with administration on policy matters through Faculty Councils and Senate Committees. Senate is composed of faculty from all 3 campuses.

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How is faculty governance protected under faculty code?

Videographer: Michael B. Maine