GFO Councils


The faculty of UW Bothell is the campus’ governing body (under Section 23-41 of the Faculty Code) and is referred to as the General Faculty Organization (GFO). The GFO serves as the forum for faculty deliberation and for the conveyance of faculty recommendations to campus administration. The GFO is currently organized around the five councils detailed on this page. The GFO provides course releases for service as specified in the GFO Course Release Policy.

Executive Council


The Executive Council (EC) is an elected faculty council of the GFO. Its responsibilities shall be to advise the Chancellor and Vice Chancellors on matters involving academic policy, including priorities, strategic planning, resource and salary allocation, and budgets; and policy regarding faculty promotion and tenure (Sec. 23-45B). Read more in the EC Bylaws.

2023-24 Executive Council Details

FALL 2023

Oct 10 – AgendaMinutes
Oct 24 – AgendaMinutes
Nov 7 – AgendaMinutes
Nov 21 – Agenda Minutes
Dec 5 – AgendaMinutes


Jan 9 – Agenda Minutes
Jan 23 – AgendaMinutes
Feb 6 – Agenda Minutes
Feb 20 – AgendaMinutes
Mar 5 – AgendaMinutes


Apr 2 – AgendaMinutes
Apr 16 – AgendaMinutes
Apr 30 – AgendaMinutes
May 14 – Agenda Minutes
May 28 (8:15-10:15am) – Agenda – Minutes

Plan Ahead: 2024/25 EC Meeting Schedule

Campus Council on Academic Standards & Curriculum


The Campus Council on Academic Standards and Curriculum (CCASC) shall serve as a deliberative and advisory body to the GFO Executive Council on matters pertaining to the revision of existing degrees, majors, minors, and concentrations and shall review all course changes proposed by the academic units. Read more in the CCASC Bylaws.

2023/24 CCASC Details

  • CCASC Charge Letter
  • CCASC Membership
  • Meeting Schedule: every other week for 90 minutes. Email to request zoom link. Proposals for CCASC review are due by 10am on the “submit by” dates indicated:
FALL 2023

Mondays, 11am-12:30pm
Oct 9 (submit by Oct 2)Minutes
Oct 23 (submit by Oct 16)-Minutes
Nov 6 (submit by Oct 30)Minutes
Nov 20 (submit by Nov 13)Minutes
Dec 4 (submit by Nov 27)-OFFLINE


Tuesdays, 11am-12:30pm
Jan 16 (submit by Jan 9)Minutes
Jan 30 (submit by Jan 23)Minutes
Feb 13 (submit by Feb 6)-OFFLINE
Feb 27 (submit by Feb 20)Minutes
Mar 12 (submit by Mar 5)-OFFLINE


Tuesdays, 10:30am-12pm
Apr 9 (submit by Apr 2)Minutes
Apr 23 (submit by Apr 16)-OFFLINE
May 7 (submit by Apr 30)Minutes
May 21(submit by May 14)Minutes
Jun 4 (submit by May 28)-Minutes

CCASC Minutes Archive Coming Soon!

Campus Council on Promotion & Tenure


The Campus Council on Promotion and Tenure (CCPT), as an elected council of the UW Bothell faculty, shall advise the Vice Chancellor, as Chief Academic Officer, on cases involving promotion and tenure of the faculty in accordance with Sections 24-54C and 25-41B of the UW Handbook, and on appointments when consultation is needed. Read more in the CCPT Bylaws.

2023/24 CCPT Details

Campus Council on Planning & Budget


The Campus Council on Planning and Budgeting (CCPB) serves as an advisory board to the EC on long-range strategic planning, preparation of budgets, and distribution of funds as they relate to issues of concern to faculty. Read more in the CCPB Bylaws.

2023-24 CCPB Details

Fall 2023

Oct 11 – AgendaMinutes
Nov 8 – Agenda Minutes
Dec 13 – AgendaMinutes

Winter 2024

Jan 10 – Agenda Minutes
Feb 14 – AgendaMinutes
Mar 13 – AgendaMinutes

Spring 2024

Apr 10 – AgendaMinutes
May 8 – Agenda – Minutes
May 29Cancelled

*Agenda added one week prior to meeting and minutes added upon approval

Plan Ahead: 2024/25 CCPB Meeting Schedule

Campus Council on Assessment & Learning


The Campus Council on Assessment and Learning (CCAL) serves as an advisory board to the EC regarding implementation, revision, and assessment of campus-level student learning goals and proficiencies. Read more in the CCAL Bylaws.

2023/24 CCAL Details

FALL 2023

Oct 16 – Agenda – Minutes
Nov 13 – Agenda – Minutes
Dec 11 – AgendaMinutes


Jan 8 – AgendaMinutes
Feb 7 – AgendaMinutes
Mar 4 – AgendaMinutes


Apr 2 – AgendaMinutes
May 7 – Agenda– Minutes
Jun 4 – Agenda– Minutes

CCAL Minutes Archive Coming Soon!

General Quarterly Meetings

Per GFO bylaws, at least one general meeting of the faculty shall be held during each academic quarter. This quarterly meeting provides an opportunity for faculty to give feedback and share insight into important UW Bothell and tri-campus topics.

2023-24 Meeting Schedule

All meetings are 90 minutes. Email to request a zoom link.

  • Fall Meeting: Thurs, Oct 27, 1-2:30pm – AgendaMinutes
  • Winter Meeting: Thurs, Jan 25, 2-3:30pm – Agenda Minutes
  • Spring Meeting: Thurs, Apr 25, 1-2:30pm – Agenda – Minutes

*Agenda added 2 weeks prior to meeting. Minutes added upon approval.

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