Financial Aid

UWB Scholarship Winners

The Scholarship Review Committee considers a combination of factors that are communicated in each applicant's personal statement, resume, and academic record . The committee honors and applauds the outstanding achievements of all of the applicants and acknowledges their commitment, hard work, and accomplishments as they strive toward meeting their academic, personal, and professional goals.

After careful deliberation the committee selected the following scholarship recipients.

Winter & Spring 2019 General Scholarship

UW Bothell General Scholarship 

  • Omar M. Omar
  • Roni Bass
  • Jenna Martin
  • Alyssa D. King 
  • Sabrina Heather 

Warren W. Buck Endowed Scholarship 

  • To be announced 

UW Bothell International Scholarship 

  • Alekya Kota 

UW Bothell Alumni Endowed Scholarship 

  • Jie Shen

Jonathan and Nancy Cluts Endowed Scholarship 

  • Vivian Wei 

Kelly and Virgil Snyder Endowed Scholarship for Women in Engineering 

  • Shawnna M. Cabanday

Autumn 2018 - Spring 2019 General Scholarship

Richard C. and Lois M. Worthington Endowed Scholarships $2,000

  • Jeffrey J. Baldwin
  • Ada Alexis Delacruz
  • Inna A. Fomina
  • Brenda Guzman
  • Janis Gaye Jordan
  • Kaelee Rose McCloskey
  • Michael A. Palazzo
  • Erika Rodriguez Perez
  • Laurinda K. Rutherford
  • Leva Shaeri-Seysan
  • Dylan R. Sonett
  • Mikayla Sullivan

UW Bothell Alumni Scholarships $1,500

  • Raafay Ahmed 
  • Micha Prothman 

Marv Workman Business Scholarship $2,500

  • To be announced

​Moss Adams scholarships $750

  • Chawin Pathompornvivat ​
  • Medie Vanantete Luzemba 

School of STEM General Scholarships $2,000 

  • John Hung Pham
  • Kayla Sprague
  • Bryan Jacob Veneruso
  • Sean E. Wilson

 Richard and Anne Penny Scholarship $1,000

  • Nathan Daniel Olson

 Kenyon Chan and Shirley Hune Scholarship $1,500

  • Beatriz Rojas-Vazquez

Warren Buck Scholarship $2,500

  • To be announced

Biella Foundation Seattle CC Transfer Scholarship  $12,000

  • Pulemau F. Savusa

Biella Foundation Veteran Scholarship $12,000

  • Pratt, Bradley
  • Raker, Miles E

Biella Foundation First Generation Scholarship $12,000 

  • Katie E. Layman

Boeing CSS Scholarship $2,500

  • Kaitlyn Kuulei Kiyomi Yamamoto

Boeing Electrical Engineering Scholarship $2,500

  • Shawnna Marcelino Cabanday

Boeing Business Scholarship $2,500

  • Evangeline Abrigo

Boeing Mechanical Engineering Scholarship $2,500

  • Denis Romanovich Rybchenko

Natalie K. Lang International Student Support Fund $1,500

  • Kaheerman Sabire 

 Bjong Wolf Yeigh & Sandra DeVries Undergraduate STEM Endowed Stem Undergraduate Scholarship $1,000

  • Lauren Anne Hager

Doreen and Ralph Boy Endowed STEM Undergraduate Scholarship $1,000

  • Chase Montoure

UW Bothell Promising Scholars Fund $1,250

  • Jayson Agag
  • Amber R. Cuozzo 
  • Mathew Emery
  • Patrick J. Obrien
  • Kelly Bao Uyen Pham

WSECU $1,000

  • Yana Erika Pavlovskiy

Preston & Jill Simmons Endowed Fund for Undergraduate Student Support $1,000

  • Amanda M. Habben

UW Bothell International Student Support Fund $1,500

  • Yiran Zhu