Receiving Your Financial Aid

There are several different components to receiving your financial aid. Learn about the steps you need to take to receive the money from your financial aid package and to learn how to pay for your expenses using your aid.

Direct Deposit

Enroll online to use direct deposit to have your funds automatically deposited into your bank account as soon as they become available.

Financial Aid Revision Requests

If you would like to be considered for an adjustment in your financial aid award because of decreased resources and/or a change of circumstances, you may submit a Revision Request: Regarding a Change in Financial Situation.

If you incur expenses during the current school year that will exceed the standard budget used by our office, you may complete a Revision Request: Additional Expenses. For study abroad, please use the Revision Request: Study Abroad/Exploration Seminar.

Financial Aid Information Release

If you would like your Financial Aid information to be released to a parent or guardian you must fill out and submit the annual Student Information Release request.