Funding Resources for M.Ed. Students

Graduate students in the Master of Education programs in the School of Educational Studies are encouraged to seek funding early in their exploration of attending graduate school. Funding deadlines are traditionally several months to a year before a student’s first quarter.

Funding resources can be found on the UW Bothell and UW Seattle campuses. Explore the links below for more information.

Tuition Information

Graduate students taking between 7-18 credits can expect to pay approximately $6,157 per quarter. Students taking one 5-credit course will pay approximately $4,397 per quarter.

*Rates based on Washington State Resident status, 2022-2023 rates. Full-time enrollment is considered to be 6 credits or more. You should work with your student loan lenders if you have questions about deferment options while enrolled in graduate school.

Please find tuition information here:

UW Bothell Financial Aid & Scholarship Office

Financial aid counselors in the UW Bothell Financial Aid & Scholarships Office can guide prospective students through the FAFSA application, as well as answer questions about types of graduate funding and scholarships that may be available.

Merit Scholarships, Fellowships and Awards

The UW Bothell Office of Merit Scholarships through the Division of Student Affairs publishes merit scholarship opportunities as well as other scholarship search resources.

UW Graduate School List of Fellowships Opportunities shared through the UW Graduate School Fellowship Office on the UW Seattle campus.

The Graduate School at UW Seattle

The Graduate School at UW Seattle provides information about different types of financial assistance for graduate students. The Graduate Funding Information Service may be especially helpful for scholarship searches. GFIS also offers resources on how best to search, plan for, and apply for scholarships.

International Student Funding and Support

International students are advised to work with international student advisors and to seek funding early in the process of applying for graduate school

International Student Funding Resources posted by UW Bothell Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid
International Scholarships website

Visit the UW Bothell Center for International Education to work with an advisor for Visa/residency, and OPT questions.

Veterans Benefits

If you are a veteran, you may wish to speak with the UW Bothell Veteran & Military Resources Office to explore possible educational benefits.

UW Bothell School of Educational Studies Graduate Merit Funding

The UW Bothell School of Educational Studies may receive Graduate Merit Funds for distribution to M.Ed. students in the form of competitive scholarships. When those funds become available, eligible M.Ed. graduate students will receive a merit fund announcment and invitation to apply from the Graduate Program Advisor. Graduate Merit Funds vary and awards are competive; application is typically available beginning Autumn quarter.

Washington State Employee Tuition Exemption Information

The following information applies to State of Washington employees wishing to utilize the State Employee Tuition Exemption Waiver.

  • Courses allowed with the tuition waiver are limited.
  • Current M.Ed. Concentration (CECL/ESOL) courses NOT allowed: BEDUC 501, BEDUC 502, BEDUC 504, BEDUC 543 or any Independent Studies, or other exempted courses found in the SES Tuition Exemption Policy. This policy is subject to change.
  • Students are responsible for meeting all timeline and form completion requirements set forth by the UWB Registrar.
  • Students should notify the program advisor if they are utilizing the Tuition Waiver.


  • The Tuition Waiver form (signed by your employer) must be submitted to the UW Registrar at least two weeks prior to every quarter you wish to use the waiver.
  • Registration Process:
  • Tuition Exempt student register later than other students. Do not add any courses to your schedule until your approved registration date, usually the 3rd day of the quarter. Find registration dates on the UWB Academic Calendar
  • Contact the instructors of your courses to notify them you will be registering late due to the Tuition Exemption Waiver. Request that the instructor add you to the Canvas course so you can begin work on the first day of class.

School of Educational Studies Tuition Exemption Policy


The School of Educational Studies (SES) faculty has identified a need to exempt certain courses from tuition exemption enrollment based on the faculty and staff effort in supporting individual students in those courses, and in order to maintain academic excellence and fiscal viability. These courses are designed in such a way as to require significant staff and faculty support outside of the classroom setting, including support from departments other than SES.

Please read the current tuition exemption policy here.

Registration Procedures

In order to register using tuition exemption, students should carefully follow the steps identified in UWB registration guidelines. Questions regarding the procedure are to be directed to the UW Bothell Registrar.

Procedures and Responsible Organization

The Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs is responsible for the content of this policy. Changes will be authorized through adoption by the Chancellor’s Executive Committee and final approval of the Chancellor. Students with questions or comments about this policy should contact the Office of Enrollment Management. A review of the policy will be conducted on a biennial basis.


This policy complies with the guidelines as found in:

RCW 28B.15.558

UWB registration procedures

WAC 478-161

UW Administrative Policy Statement 22.1, Section 3