Creating a Table

1. Click the Insert/edit table icon in the WYSIWYG editor. 
toolbar - table option highlighted

2. In the Table properties dialog, you can select the number of rows and columns you want your table to be.

  • Rows- specifies the number of rows
  • Columns- specifies the number of columns
  • Headers - always do "Both" with headers so the table is accessible to everyone
  • Caption- This will be added above the table, required for accessibility
  • Learn about other properties to make tables accessible
  • Width maximum: Standard is 560, Standard Wide is 750
  • Cell spacing auto-adjusts as your type your content, no need to change.

Table Properties window

3. Click Ok and your table will appear where your curser was on the page.


Editing a Table

  • Select the table and right-click onto it
  • Select "Table Properties" and the same window will appear. 
  • After a table is created you cannot change the amount of rows and columns from table properties.
  • To change the amount of rows, columns, or cells, right click on the table and hover the curser over the "Cell", "Row", or "Column" section to see your options.

Did You Know?

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