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Accessible Website Tips

These tips are not meant to teach a beginner but rather are ment to be supportting documention for those who have received the basic Kentico training, which has a section on website accessiblity.

Website accessibility documentation

Join the AccessibleWeb@U mailing list to hear from a community of UW web designers, developers, and other interested individuals who discuss and share ideas on accessible web design. 

New! Washington State Policy #188 - Accessibility

The Office of the Chief Information Officer for Washington State passed a new policy that impacts Kentico editors and publishers. This policy more clearly establishes an expectation for state agencies, which is that people with disabilities be able to have access to and use of information and data as well as be provided access to the same services and content that is available to persons without disabilities unless providing direct access is not possible due to technical or legal limitations.

The policy states that institutions (in this case, the UW system) need to establish a plan on how the institution will acheive full accessibilty. This plan must be posted by March 31, 2017 and is currently being worked on by the UW task force. A Bothell task force is an eventual goal with key stakeholders and accessibility liaisons involved.

More information will be sent to campus, please email with additional questions or to request website accessibility training.

Accessibility - not just about the web

Accessibility does not just affect website, but all official UW communication. UW Seattle's Accessible Technology Services (ATS) team has a rebust website that discusses a wide range of accessibilty topics and offers possible accessible solutions. Visit UW Seattle's accessibility page for more information on topics like:

Accessible PDF training is offered on the Seattle campus; the web team is working with ATS to bring some future trainings to the Bothell campus. More information soon.