Coordinated Community Response Team (CCRT)

CCRT Mission Statement

The Coordinated Community Response Team (CCRT) is a multidisciplinary, collaborative effort between Cascadia College, the University of Washington Bothell, and community partners, that aims to increase access to education for survivors of sex- and gender-based violence and to create a community in which they can thrive. The CCRT envisions a co-located campus community free of violence, in which all students and employees strive to prevent harm and create the working and learning environment that we all deserve. In particular, the CCRT shines light on the experiences of Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) students, first-generation students, students of all ages (inclding running start students and those returning to school later in life), and students who are juggling school alongside their work and family commitments. The CCRT is committed to building robust violence prevention and response efforts in collaboration with all members of our shared campus community.

Goals of the CCRT

By the end of year 1 of the OVW grant, our team will have assembled the members of the CCRT.

By the end of year 2, we will have expanded the membership and the scope of the work of the CCRT to regularly improve culturally- and population-specific responses.

By the end of year 3, we will have a succession and sustainability plan, which will outline how we as a campus community will continue the work after the grant ends.

Members of the CCRT

Melissa Tumas, CCRT Chair, OVW Grant Director, UW Bothell

Bill Anderson, Assistant Teaching Professor of Engineering, UW Bothell

Erin Blakeney, Dean of Student Success, OVW Grant Project Director, Cascadia College

Natalie Dolci, Senior Violence Prevention & Response Specialist, SafeCampus, UW Tri-Campus

Sam Harkness, Survivor Advocate, UW Bothell

Mike Johnson, Captain – Investigations, Bothell Police Department

Cham Kao, Director for Campus Safety, UW Bothell

Alina McLauchlan, UCIRO Manager, UW Tri-Campus

Lelia Olson, Accounting Faculty, Cascadia College

Valery Richardson, Title IX Coordinator, UW Tri-Campus

Becky Riopel, Director of Student Life, Cascadia College

Kiana Swearingen, Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Education and Prevention, UW Tri-Campus

Mary Toll, Assistant Director of Student Conduct, UW Bothell

Val Tovar, Director of Prevention, Health, and Wellness & OVW Grant Project Supervisor, UW Bothell

Tim Wilson, Ph.D, Dean of Student Affairs, UW Bothell