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What if the people who design and build our technological future included members of radically diverse groups, instead of the comparatively like-minded research scientists and product designers who typically drive the work in these fields?

What new directions might we open up, and what kinds of beneficial use cases might we discover?

The Digital Future Lab (DFL) at the University of Washington Bothell expands our common notions of diversity to include neurodiversity and other kinds of differences. Our teams aren't just diverse, they're radically diverse.

The DFL is a unique environment — we’re a design slam that mixes research, social justice, performance, speculative design, commercial game development, gender studies, art history and any other discipline we can include to make objects with meaning, both physical and virtual. We seek to demonstrate how radically diverse teams are capable of achieving novel insights and can become exceptionally productive and efficient.

In addition to exploring diversity, the DFL is particularly interested in understanding how our deepening relationship with the digital world is influencing physical world design, and how we might avoid bringing some of the more regressive qualities of the physical world into our virtual spaces. 


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