Graduate Hooding Ceremony Student Speaker

A graduate student speaker will be selected to address the audience at the Graduate Hooding Ceremony.


Graduate students who earned a graduate degree in autumn quarter or have submitted their degree request for winter, spring, or summer quarters during the current academic year are eligible.

Must be available to attend the Graduate Hooding Ceremony on Saturday, June 8, 2024, at the UW Bothell Sports Field.

Application Procedure

Eligible students who wish to apply should submit the following to by 5 p.m. PT on Friday, April 5, 2024:

  • A proposed written speech that is approximately 400 – 450 words (no longer than three minutes when spoken).
  • A personal statement no longer than one page, single spaced.

Criteria for Selection

A compelling speech will:

  • Speak to all graduating students from all schools.
  • Reflect on common educational experiences that appeal to a broad audience.
  • Share the value and impact of the educational experience at UW Bothell.
  • Celebrate the accomplishments of the graduating class.
  • Seek to inspire the audience by emphasizing a positive and uplifting message.

A compelling personal statement will:

  • Demonstrate academic excellence and leadership.
  • Share scholarly achievements, awards, involvement in extracurricular or professional activities, and/or civic engagement.
  • Make a persuasive case as to why they should be selected to address the graduating class.

Review Committee

Applications are reviewed by the Ceremonies and Honors Advisory Committee, appointed by the chancellor. The committee uses an evaluation rubric based on the criteria above when reviewing each applicant’s materials. The committee selects three applicants to audition for the committee by delivering their prepared speech. The committee considers the overall quality of the speech and the applicant’s public speaking skills and recommends to the chancellor one graduate student applicant to be invited to speak at the Graduate Hooding Ceremony.