Move in

When you check-in

  1. You will be asked to present your Husky Card or photo ID at check-in
  2. You will be given your room fob and mailbox keys
  3. Once you have received your keys, you may begin moving into your room. A student volunteer with a cart will be on-site to help you move into your room during the main move-in day of September 25th. 

Key Fob: The key fob assigned given at move-in will grant you access to both the exterior doors of the residential building, and your individual room door. Report lost or stolen keys to the residence life front desk immediately or your RA. 

Mailbox Key: Your mailbox key is assigned to you uniquely; avoid switching keys with a roommate. Mailboxes are located in the Residence Life office in Summit Hall. Report lost or stolen keys to the residence life front desk immediately.

Husky Card: Your UW student ID card allows you access to your dining plan and other amenities on campus.

What to bring, what not to bring

To help you get started, please review our checklist on what to bring and what not to bring. We also suggest that you revisit the web page for your building. There you can take a virtual tour, view a floor plan, and find out about included furnishings.

Provided Items

  • Extra-Long twin mattress & frame
  • Wardrobe
  • Two Dressers – 2 drawers each
  • Desk
  • Desk Chair

You should bring

  • Sheets, blankets, comforter, pillow, pillow cases
  • Towels
  • Surge protector and extension cord
  • Toilet paper
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Laundry basket
  • Organizers
  • Fan
  • Hammer/Nails to hang decorations (Command Strips not allowed)

Coordinate larger items with your roommates

Coordinate larger items with your roommates so you don’t bring duplicates. The less you bring, the more space you’ll have in your room.

  • Refrigerator (4.4 cubic feet or less)
    • 1 per room allowed
  • Microwave (700 watt maximum)
    • 1 per room allowed
  • Television (Smart TV or internet-ready streaming device to use the Residential Village streaming service)

What not to bring

To keep you and your fellow Huskies safe, the following items are prohibited:

  • Halogen lamps
  • Space heaters
  • Air conditioners
  • Any open-flame appliances (e.g., fondue pots)
  • Any open-coil appliances (e.g., toasters, toaster ovens, air fryers)
  • Full-size appliances
  • Dishwashers
  • Bidets or water spray hoses 
  • Command Strips 
  • Hover board
  • Incense/Candles with wicks

How to avoid tripped breakers

When too many items are plugged into an outlet the breaker will trip. Power strips only add additional outlets. They do not increase the amount of power from the outlet. Surge protectors can help against tripping a breaker.

Please avoid this issue. Residents will be charged for repeated tripped breakers.

Connecting to the internet

You will be given information on how to connect to the internet on move-in day.

Shipping items prior to move-in 

Packages cannot be accepted until AFTER you have checked in and arrived. We have limited space to storage packages, so we appreciate your understanding. Visit the Front Desk page to learn more about packages and mail.

Communications from Residential Life and Capstone

You are responsible for reading the information we send to your mailbox, post on your room door, and send by email to your residential account.

Residential Life and Capstone will send most correspondence to applicants and residents via their email accounts they used to create their housing application. Be aware that if your email is forwarded to a different account, it may be filtered, refused or treated as spam.

Residential Life and Capstone is not responsible for emails not received. To ensure delivery of emails to your email inbox, add and to your email address book or list of approved contacts.

You may also receive emails from Residential Life staff members, such as your Resident Advisor or Resident Director.

Privacy and safety 

Resident safety is one of the UWB and Capstone’s highest priorities. Our safety policy was developed in conjunction with UW regulations and Washington State statutes regarding student privacy. Residence Life and Capstone will not, under any circumstances, release room numbers or telephone numbers to any unauthorized person including friends, parents, and relatives. Although this policy may seem inconvenient at times, it provides residents protection and a secure living environment within the Residential Village. We encourage students to make sure their families and friends have their address, as well as their room and telephone numbers.

Your personal information

The Family Education Right and Privacy Act (FERPA) prevents us from releasing your information to anyone other than yourself without your authorization. This includes how much you owe on your housing account.

You may authorize Capstone to release information about your housing account (e.g., to your parents/guardians) by supplying their names on your Student Personal Services page.

Renters Insurance Requirement

We require students to have insurance or financial protection on their personal property while living in the Residential Village. Check with your family’s insurance policy to see if your possessions are covered under that policy or if you can get renters insurance added. Any student who doesn’t provide a personal renters insurance policy, will be automatically charged and given renters insurance that is provided by the property.

Move In Days 2024

Friday, September 20 & Saturday, September 21

It’s really happening, you’re coming to live on campus at the University of Washington. We couldn’t be more excited. Welcome to your new Husky Home! 

Move in directions

Your exact move in date and 30-minute move-in appointment time will be sent over the summer. Your date and time will be assigned based on your room assignment. If you have a conflict with your move-in appointment, you may request a change by emailing

Follow the below instructions when arriving to campus during your move-in appointment:

  • All cars will enter campus via the South Entrance and will check and get their key at the south campus surface lots
  • Follow cue of cars until there is a spot to unload vehicles at the Residential Village
  • Our Welcome Crew will assist you in unloading your items into large carts
    • Have one person stay in the vehicle while it is being unloaded
      • Once vehicle is unloaded, move it to west garage
    • Student and Welcome Crew volunteers will bring carts to the resident’s room