Tuition information

Veteran & family tuition rates

Qualifying veterans can receive in-state tuition rates. Students applying for residency using the military forms provided by UW are eligible to pay resident tuition and fees; however, are not eligible for state need-based financial aid. Approval to pay resident tuition via the military forms does not grant bona fide residency in Washington State.

Resident Tuition Rates

Non-resident students who fall under the following categories may be able to apply for resident tuition:

  • Active duty military member, or a member’s spouse or dependent
  • Washington National Guard member, or a member’s spouse or dependent

Military forms & more information

Reduction program

If you are an active or reserve veteran who has served in active federal service in a war or conflict fought on foreign soil or international waters, you may be eligible for the VA Tuition Reduction Program.

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Tuition waivers

Some veterans and dependents are eligible to receive a waiver of their tuition and fees.

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