UW Bothell Traditions

Becoming a tradition

In order for an event to REACH the level of a campus tradition, the event must meet the following criteria: 

  • R — reflects on values and collaborative purpose across generations of the UW Bothell community
  • E — generates enthusiasm and pride
  • — creates anticipation of when it will happen again (broad knowledge)
  • C — provides means of building community
  • H — incorporates the history of the institution

View traditions at UW Seattle and UW Tacoma campuses.

Welcome Week

(photos are pre-pandemic)

A student poses in front of gold and purple balloons

Each fall the campus comes alive as we welcome back students for the new academic year.   There are over 50 events that take place.  Some annual highlights include Move-in, Convocation, Movie Under the Stars, ARC Carnival, The Resource and Involvement Fair, and The Block Party. 


W Photo

Student gather in a large circle around the "W" printed on the Sports Court

Each year, the new students take a group photo on the sports field to commemorate joining the Husky family.   

ASUWB Elections

Students gather in the UW Bothell plaza, talking with one another

The Associated Students of the University of Washington Bothell (ASUWB) serves as the student government for UWB. Every year students participate in elections to vote for the ASUWB Executive Board, who represent and advocate for the student body. Elections are held in the spring and all students are encouraged to vote! 


Casino Night

Students stand in front of a table with casino themed games

A grand night of casino-themed games, magic, and prizes brought by CEB and Cascadia EAB. Takes place in early February. 


Clamor Launch Event

Students pose with the newest edition of the Clamor Journal

The Clamor student editorial board publish their literary and art journal every spring quarter. Clamor hosts a launch event to have the artists and contributors of the journal showcase and perform their submissions. Takes place in Spring Quarter 


Grad Stoles & Cultural Graduation

Students wearing colorful graduation stoles stand in front of the UW Bothell logo statue

Over a dozen clubs celebrate their graduates with events that welcome families, acknowledge achievements, and recognize graduates with stoles that reflect their unique major, association, or culture. 


Holly Husky

Holly Husky poses with students in the UW Bothell plaza

Holly is the first female mascot in UW history and is dedicated to spreading the Husky spirit. She pumps-up community excitement and involvement at campus and community events and she displays to the community why being a Husky is such an honor. 


Homecoming Game travel

Students pose in front of a gold backdrop

Students and friends cheer our beloved Husky Football team onto victory at their Homecoming Game. Takes place in fall quarter.


IDEA Sessions

Students sit in a classroom, listening to a student at the front speak to them.

Students are welcomed to campus by the Social Justice Organizers (SJOs) and encouraged to use their voices to make the most of their UW Bothell experience. 


Spooktacular/Fall harvest

Students collect candy from pumpkin themed buckets

Fall-themed activities, candy, and fun for the whole campus, where friends and family can join in on the fun, too. Takes place in late October.

Spring Fest

A collage of student selfies using the "Spring Fest" filter

"The biggest event of the year! A campus-wide festival with inflatables, make-and-takes, music, and even a petty zoo hosted by CEB in collaboration with Cascadia College to celebrate spring. Takes place in late May." 


Spring Hiring

A husky plush sits behind a desk adorned in UW Bothell themed decorations

In spring quarter, the Division of Student Affairs opens applications to more than 100 student employment opportunities. From building manager in the Activities & Resource Center to Husky Herald's Editor-In-Chief, there may be an opportunity for you! (No photo) 

Student Activity & Resource Fair

Students interact with different stands set up outside

To start every academic year, Orientation & Transition Programs and Student Engagement & Activities host the Student Activity & Resource Fair. It's the perfect opportunity for clubs, organizations, and resources on campus to promote themselves and for students to explore the diverse range of opportunities UW Bothell has to offer. 



Holly Husky poses with students

"Campus street fair with food, games, photobooth, and giveaways, where we come together as a Husky and Bothell community to show off our spirit and pride. Takes place on the Friday before the Husky Football Homecoming Game." 


Earth Week

Students interact with different stands set up outside

Earth Week at the UW Bothell campus has been an annual celebration around Earth Day each April. Since 2017, Earth Week has been a joint UW Bothell/Cascadia College partnership, building a sense of community across the institutions. We host a diverse variety of community partners and on-campus organizations and clubs related to sustainability, shifting the paradigm that sustainability is inherently an environmental subject. We engage the campus community in events and workshops such as movie screenings, lectures, plantings, concerts, tours, tabling events, and more.    


Campus Farm

Students plant saplings in the dirt

The Campus Farm provides an outdoor learning space designed to engage our campus community in experiential learning and best practices surrounding sustainable land use and food production. This space is one of the few co-managed spaces on campus, through a strong partnership with Cascadia and UW Bothell. The Campus Farm consists of 10 raised beds, a fruit orchard, two styles of composting, and several pollinator plantings. Classes and volunteers are welcome to explore in the space for either class projects or personal interest. This space offers free, fresh, healthy and sustainable produce, which can be picked at any time by campus visitors. We donate produce to our campus food pantries, and have contributed hundreds of pounds of produce from the farm to people facing food insecurity issues in our community.   


Lighting The W

A statue of the UW Bothell logo is adorned with festive gold and purple lights in the evening

Each year during the holiday season, our Facilities team illuminates the “W” with festive lights to bring holiday joy to our campus community and celebrate the end of the calendar year. The lights are turned on in the evening and can be found November through January.   


Truly House

A large, white and brick house at the top of campus

The Boone/Truly Family were cattle ranchers on this land in the early 1900s, with 450 head of beef cattle at its peak. The family resided in the Truly House and raised their family on the land. In the mid-1990s, after realizing that the area was being developed, the Boone/Truly Family sold the land to the state for the construction of the college/university campus. During campus construction, the Truly House was moved upland and preserved for use as offices for UW Bothell staff and faculty. With such a rich history, friendly ghost sightings have been known in and around the Truly House.   


Chase House

A white house covered in snow

Dr. Reuben Chase was Bothell’s first doctor and lived in the Chase House in the late 1880s. He also used the residence as his office and the city’s first hospital. The house is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is home to the UW Bothell/Cascadia College Grounds Team. The home is adjacent to an apple orchard of Belle de Boskoop apple trees, which have been used in campus events for cider pressings.   



A circle of wooden statues known as the UW Bothell Ancestors

The Ancestors are a collection of cedar wood sculptures created in 2000 by Michael Dennis, to make the connection between human existence and our natural connection through evoking human form and gestures. They are located in the central core of campus to watch over the everyday hustle and bustle of campus life. Students leave offerings at the base of the ancestors in hope of being blessed with good luck on exams in return.   

Plaza Lights

Circles of lights appear in the dark on the steps of the UW Bothell plaza

The Fibonacci Echoes are located in the central core of campus within the UW Bothell Plaza, installed in 2014 with the construction of UW Bothell’s first LEED building, Discovery Hall. It is made up of 424 solar LED lights, which are organized in the Fibonacci pattern, consisting of overlapping concentric rings to represent nature’s echoes and raindrops. The Fibonacci sequence is a pattern of numbers, where each number is the sum of the two numbers before it. Nature often mimics this pattern, through elements like seashells, ferns and clouds.   


Campus Crows

A murder of crows gather on a cluster of trees in the evening

Since 2009, the UWB/CC campus has been home to one of the area’s largest crow roosts. It is estimated that roughly 16,000 crows pass through campus each night, with their peak population occurring in the darker fall and winter months. During the day, the crows will spend their time foraging for food and socializing up to 30 miles away, but as dusk falls, they make their way back to campus for the night. The North Creek Wetlands and lush old growth trees make the campus an ideal overnight home for the crows. The crows have spurred well-known research, classes, and attracted many visitors to campus.