First Year and Pre-Major Program (FYPP)

Meet your advisors

Within FYPP, you have access to both on-staff advisors that can give you personalized guidance via face-to-face appointments or email for navigating your academic options at UW Bothell, as well as peer advisors that are available to answer quick questions you may have on an ongoing basis.

Pre-Major Advisors


Annie Gordon (she/her)

Hometown: Seattle (Ballard), Washington

Education: I have a B.A. in American Cultural Studies from Western Washington University and an M.A. in Student Development Administration from Seattle University, but my biggest and most treasured form of education is the tools and wisdom I’ve gained from my family, and specifically my parents!

  • Why I like my job:  I’ve always felt really connected to the community that raised me. I was born and raised in Seattle, and I’ve received so much love and mentorship from teachers, family and advisors here. It feels really special to work in proximity to the community that raised me, and try to pay forward the mentorship and love that got me here. I think the UWB community gets this. I’m also a first generation college student, and it means the world to me to journey alongside other first generation students.
  • Advice for students: I have never once met a student who wasn’t so wildly knowledgeable in SO many things. Coming to college can, unfortunately, make you feel like you don’t know your stuff. But trust me, you DO! You’ve got so much wisdom—you’re coming to UW with rich perspective, dynamic experiences, and an incredibly profound aspiration to do more. Tap into that—celebrate your history, where you’ve come from, and the hard work you’ve put in.
  • Favorite restaurant or food: Food is so important! Pizza with a really good salad is one of my favorite meals. Dough Zone. Ripe strawberries. Homemade pasta. Eggs Benedict. I can’t even pick—so many things!
  • Favorite book: Teaching to transgress by bell hooks
  • Favorite movie: While You Were Sleeping
  • Favorite sports team, sport you like to play, or hobby: I’m not big on watching sports, but I love showing my support for the WNBA and specifically, the Seattle Storm! I also love to swim, and am always up for a cardio dance class or a game of BUMP on the basketball court!
  • Most memorable experience in college: Toss-up between when my parents dropped me off for the first time, seeing them in the stands at commencement, and everything in between! 
  • Favorite outdoor or indoor activity: Sitting outside, at a beach, or park, or even a backyard, with good food and good company is my favorite thing to do! Inside, I love to play the piano and sew.
Picture of Felicity Abeyta

Felicity Abeyta (she/her)

Hometown: Bothell, WA

My family's hometowns are rural areas in Arizona Pima and Miami working in copper mines and agricultural migrant work of cotton picking. My Mexican heritage is from San Luis Potosí, Mexico and indigenous Maya roots.

Education: B.A. IAS Society, Ethics and Human Behavior at UW Bothell and M.S.W. School of Social Work at UW Seattle

  • Why I like my job: Growing up, I remember how it feels to struggle and feel lost in school. Overtime, I learned to utilize my hardships to help others. I chose advising as my expertise to guide students.  I maximized college and chose a growth mindset; I gained critical thinking, self-reflection and leadership.  This grow, opened up opportunities like coordinating Diversity Conferences.  So therefore, I see myself turning around and helping students thrive in college.
  • Advice for students: Every time you fall back, it is your moment to LEAP forward. Know and love your strengths.
    • You are a life-long learner: Tell a faculty professor, I am motivated and determined to do better in class, then ask them, what can I do to improve? 
    • Business before play: Have weekly study goals and finish your homework then treat yourself.
    • You are not alone: Surround yourself with positive support.
    • Remember your motivation: I think of my family’s sacrifices, which, motivates me to never quit.
  • Favorite restaurant or food: I love making my mom’s spaghetti recipe and learning to cook Mexican authentic dishes. My favorite dishes to cook are enchiladas and tacos.
  • Favorite book: Keep Going: The Art of Perseverance, Joseph M. Marshall III 
  • Favorite movie: Life is Beautiful film directed by and starring Roberto Benigni
  • Favorite sports team, sport you like to play, or hobby: I like watching sports with my loved ones. I like competitive jump rope and boxing. I enjoy Mexican dancing and beading.
  • Most memorable experience in college: My lovely child was born when I was a sophomore at Shoreline Community College and transferred my junior to UW Bothell. When I received my diploma, my child was turning 3 years old, I am so proud of myself. While in school, I worked at the Environmental Protection Agency External Affairs office and involved in Latinx non-profit organizations. 
  • Favorite outdoor or indoor activity: You can catch me at the gym, movies, parks, and the beach. 



Jessica Trenkamp (she/her)

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Education: B.A. IAS Society, Ethics and Human Behavior with a minor in Human Rights and a M.A. in Policy Studies at UW Bothell 

  • Why I like my job: I love to give back to UWB!  As a transfer student who changed their major plan after struggling in my first and second year, I found my home and renewed passion for learning in the classrooms at UWB. 
  • Advice for students: Be a sponge!  Absorb and explore all the amazing opportunities at UWB and never hesitate to go for it.  Think you can’t afford to study abroad? Ask us about scholarship opportunities!  Want to see what it’s like to work at a newspaper, create a podcast, build with a 3-D printer?  All things you can pursue at UWB and so much more. Pursue an internship!  It was how I was able to experience the job I thought I wanted to do, without the commitment, and it led to my first job after college. 
  • Favorite restaurant or food: Pho at Bamboo House in Bothell 
  • Favorite book: Know My Name by Chanel Miller, The Testaments by Margaret Atwood and anything by Lindy West
  • Favorite movie: Labyrinth  
  • Favorite sports team, sport you like to play, or hobby: Whatever team my kids are playing on at the moment. 
  • Most memorable experience in college: Realizing that nursing was not going to be my future.  It was an incredibly hard and sad decision to make, but ultimately led me to find alternate career paths that also focused on helping people.   
  • Favorite outdoor or indoor activity: Reading, cooking and cross-stitch. 
  • Favorite Washington activity: Digging for clams in Ocean Shores, picking blackberries at Magnuson Park, visiting museums. 
Picture of Norm

Norm Wright (he/him)

Hometown: Bremerton, Washington

Education: B.A. Geography at Central Washington University with minors in Mathematics and Environmental Studies; M.Ed in Student Affairs Administration at Western Washington University. I was the first person in my family to attend college.

  • Why I like my job: I get to meet new people every day and help students move closer to their goals.
  • Advice for students: The campus is full of people wanting you to succeed. It’s OK to ask for help. Some students believe they are supposed to solve their own problems because they are in college. You only need to ask…the sooner the better.
  • Favorite restaurant: Most buffets make my list. Pen Thai and Hana Sushi on Main Street Bothell are my local favorites.
  • Favorite book: Armor by John Steakley
  • Favorite movie: Toss-up between Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and The Fellowship of the Rings Trilogy
  • Favorite Hobby or Activity: I enjoy jogging with a personal goal to participate in a 5k event each month.
  • Favorite college activity: Working as a Resident Assistant and Manager in the Residence Halls. These jobs introduced me to the possibility of a career in higher education.
  • Favorite Washington activity: Taking in the sights at Pike Place Market
Rachael Gilchrist

Rachael Gilchrist (she/her)

Hometown: Martinez, California

Education: M.A. English with TESOL Certification, B.A. Hispanic Civilization, A.A. Liberal Arts

  • Why I like my job: I love helping students realize their dreams.
  • Advice for students: Take advantage of the activities and resources you have here: the support services, such as the Quantitative Skills Center, to give you an edge, clubs to get you connected and involved, Study abroad to change your life and perspective, Career Services to help prepare for after you graduate, etc.
  • Favorite restaurant: Café Turko in Fremont
  • Favorite book: I am an avid book reader- difficult to choose a favorite right now.
  • Favorite hobbies: I love to experiment with cooking, drink tea, and learn and share about nutrition and health, especially about microbes these days.
  • Most memorable experience in college: Living and teaching in Spain while I was in graduate school.
  • Favorite Washington activity: Exploring the Fremont neighborhood- visiting the Troll, the Rocket, taking the chocolate tour at Theos.
Picture of Trang

Trang Nguyen (she/her)

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

I'm a first-generation student and first-generation Vietnamese-American. My parents were immigrants and refugees that were unable to graduate high school due to war. I am the first to attend college on both sides of my extended family! Although I consider Atlanta, Georgia my hometown, I've also lived in the following places: Arkansas, Florida, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Utah, and Wyoming.

Education:  I received a B.A. in Middle Grades Education with concentrations in Science and Language Arts at University of North Georgia. I hope to pursue a masters in counseling one day!

  • Why I like my job: I love being able to help students navigate different systems, breaking down barriers and validating their unique experiences and narratives. I love being present with students and helping them make sense of their academic journey.
  • Advice for students: In short, higher education is difficult to navigate. If it was easy, I doubt my job would exist! It is okay to not know what the exact path you may take will look like or what the next step may be. It is also okay to know your exact pathway and experience unexpected difficulties. All of these are okay! I highly challenge you to reflect openly and honestly about your interests and experiences. Connect with UWB staff such as Pre-Major Academic Advisors to help you make sense and plan towards your goals! Open the door to communication with your instructors- they have in-depth knowledge about their fields and may have life experiences that can parallel yours! Reach out to peers to share your experiences. They may be hoping for someone just like you to make a connection! Remember, there are so many people who want to know your thoughts! And always know, you matter! There is a place for you in Education! You belong at UWB!
  • Favorite restaurant or food: I love Vietnamese pancakes and desserts. I can eat poke anytime. You may most often see me with my drink of choice around campus- iced earl grey tea with cream and boba!
  • Favorite book: I am currently engage in works by UWB’s own faculty writers and artists. Check out their works at the UWB/Cascadia Library! There is so much to explore! During the start of the pandemic, I discovered the Harry Potter series for the first time and it warmed my heart.
  • Favorite movie: Spirited Away or Mary and Max
  • Favorite sports team, sport you like to play, or hobby: Recently, I have picked up problem-solving as a hobby theme, particularly in the form of jigsaw puzzles and escape rooms! With jigsaw puzzling, I love the satisfaction of patiently contributing to a larger picture. With escape rooms, I love learning more about people’s communications styles while working towards one goal. The satisfactory feeling of completing a puzzle or winning a room is just the icing on top!
  • Most memorable experience in college: I will always remember making eye-contact with my mother and siblings in the crowd as I gave the commencement speech at university graduation. It was as if I was saying, “Look at what we did together! It can be done!” 
  • Favorite outdoor or indoor activity: I love the arts- rock shows, spoken word, and theater performances- I love it all! I also enjoy working with my hands and figuring out how things work. For outdoor activities, I like outdoor activities that tend to be leisurely completed such as kite flying, meanderings outside and sun-bathing.

Student Peer Advisors

Student Peer Advisors are students in their last two years of college at UW Bothell who can help pre-major and first year students with drop-in questions. The Student Peer Advisors are all students who are in their majors, and they are trained to help you with anything from registering for classes to picking out a major. 

Photo of Carolynne.Carolynne Macdonald (she/her)

Hometown: Naperville, IL

Major: Business Administration, Accounting concentration

Hobbies/Interests: Gaming and the arts

Why is Carolynne a peer advisor?
With my years as a student in the Bothell campus, I hope to provide insight for incoming students that are getting used to our system. During my first couple of years of attending, I found myself seeking out academic advisors frequently. My experiences with each visit helped me understand how to succeed in my academics and how to plan for future quarters. Now, I want to return the favor and provide the knowledge necessary for our students to succeed. I hope we can all work together and focus on what's important!

Photo of Jessica HughesJess Hughes (they/them)

Hometown: Monroe, WA

Majors: American and Ethnic Studies and Media and Communications Studies

Hobbies/Interests: Traveling and writing

Why is Jessica a peer advisor? I wanted to become a peer advisor to help students to achieve their goals and help them along the path that they choose for themselves. I believe I could learn a lot as well from this position, because I believe learning something new everyday is super important as we continue the school year and life in general. I am super excited to help students throughout the school year and see students continue to grow and learn.

Photo of Joe LolloJoe Lollo (he/him or they/them)

Hometown: Bellevue, WA 

Majors: Culture, Literature & the Arts and Media & Communication Studies

Minors: Computer Science & Software Engineering and Visual & Media Arts

Hobbies/Interests: Reading books, watching movies & tv, gaming, photography, and being outdoors. 

Why is Joe a peer advisor?
I love being around new people, as well as hearing students' unique stories, backgrounds, and educational and career goals -- no two students (or people) are alike, and I want to help them realize the unique importance of their university education in the same way as my academic advisors did to me. Since I want to pursue graduate school and become either a high school English teacher or college literature professor, I desire to spend my working life building positive communities and experiences from a student body, and I hope to do so at UWB as a peer advisor this coming academic year!

Mckayla-Yang.jpgMckayla Yang (she/her)

Hometown: Bellevue, WA

Major(s): Business Administration, Accounting & Finance

Hobbies/Interests: Being outdoors, gardening, kickboxing, and dancing

Why is Mckayla a peer advisor?
As a peer advisor, I hope to become an accessible and easily approachable resource for students with specific needs, goals, and/or obstacles. I understand how it can easily get overwhelming to plan the academic year at the early stage of career exploration or as a student new to UW. Ultimately, I wish to make transitioning, exploring, and planning easier by providing the resources that are key for students to succeed.

Thao-Nguyen-(3).jpgThao Nguyen (she/her)

Hometown: Bellevue, WA 

Major(s): Health Studies

Hobbies/Interests: Hiking & Traveling 

Why is Thao a peer advisor?
Being a peer advisor provides me with many opportunities to influence the learning environment and lives of students. I enjoy being able to use my own experiences throughout undergrad to help other students. There may be many obstacles that arise during academic planning and I look forward to helping students who feel stuck or have questions along the way. Academic planning can often feel overwhelming for some students and I want them to know that we are here to help.