Declaring Your Major

Ready to join your major? Here’s how!

Once you’ve decided which major you’d like to complete, you’ll need to either declare your major, or apply for the major if it has an admissions process. Many of our majors are open to all students or to students who meet minimum requirements, and these majors can be declared at any time. Some majors have limited space and more in-depth requirements, so you’ll need to complete an application to those majors.

Declarable Majors

The following majors can be declared whenever you meet the requirements for them. Click on the major itself to confirm if any specific coursework is required before declaring.

MajorLink to Declaration Process
American & Ethnic Studies (BA)IAS Major Declaration Form
Biology (BS)STEM Major Declaration Form
Conservation & Restoration Science (BS)IAS Major Declaration Form
Culture, Literature & the Arts (BA)IAS Major Declaration Form
Earth System Science (BS)IAS Major Declaration Form
Environmental Studies (BA)IAS Major Declaration Form
Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies (BA)IAS Major Declaration Form
Global Studies (BA)IAS Major Declaration Form
Interdisciplinary Arts (BA)IAS Major Declaration Form
Interdisciplinary Studies: Social Science (BA)IAS Major Declaration Form
Law, Economics & Public Policy (BA)IAS Major Declaration Form
Data Visualization (BA and BS)IAS Major Declaration Form
Mathematics (BS)STEM Major Declaration Form
Media & Communication Studies (BA)IAS Major Declaration Form
Psychology (BA)IAS Major Declaration Form
Science, Technology & Society (BA)IAS Major Declaration Form

Majors Requiring Applications

The following majors require that you submit an application and get accepted into the program. Some of these programs have limited space and are unable to accept all qualified applicants. For all of these programs, you can see their general admission rate for internal students, and when their next application date is.

All internal major applications can be found here:

MajorAutumn Quarter DeadlineAcceptance Rate
(Internal applicants only, approximate rolling 2 year average)
Applied Computing (BA)June 1 (Prerequisites in progress accepted for Spring only)33%
Business Administration (BA) Bellevue CampusJune 1100%
Business Administration (BA) Bothell CampusJune 193%
Chemistry (BA)June 1100%
Chemistry (BS – With a biochemistry option)June 1100%
Chemistry (BS)June 195%
Computer Engineering (BS)June 1 (Prerequisites in progress accepted for Spring only)82%
Computer Science & Software Engineering (BS)June 1 (Prerequisites in progress accepted for Spring only)40%
Educational Studies (BA)June 198%
Electrical Engineering (BS)June 1 (Prerequisites in progress accepted for Spring only)95%
Health Studies (BA)June 192%
Mechanical Engineering (BS)
*No longer accepting students for Winter quarter. Students with prerequisites in progress may apply for Autumn 24.
June 1 87%
Physics (BA)June 1100%
Physics (BS)June 1100%

The majority of programs requiring an application will accept in-progress prerequisites except where noted. Be sure to review the program’s website for all details, or schedule an appointment with your Pre-Major advisor.