Pre-Major Student Resources

Whether you’re in your first year, or beyond, if you’re currently a pre-major (meaning, you have not yet been accepted into a degree program by one of our schools), we have gathered some great resources for you here.

Pathways Week

In the early half of Winter Quarter each year, the advisors from all the schools organize a series of events over a week (or sometimes over two weeks) designed to help you learn more about your options at UWB. These events may feature advisors from individual schools, professors, current students, alumni, and representatives from various programs on campus (such as Career Services or Global Studies). If you’re undecided or just want to ask questions about your current choice, you should attend Pathways Week. Check back during Autumn quarter to add the events to your calendar. Take a look at last year’s Pathways Week.

Degree Maps

Sometimes called a major map, a Degree Map suggests courses you need to complete each quarter to be “on track” to graduation and admission to a major. A degree map should help you visualize a path in order to plan courses each quarter. The goal of Degree Maps is to provide a clear, direct path to graduation. The degree maps help you plan your coursework and make the most of your UWB experience. As you begin to select your path, be sure to carefully explore the Degree Maps.

Major Planning Worksheets

UWB advisors have created a series of planning worksheets for specific majors. These sheets can help you plan out your course schedule, making sure you have all of the prerequisites necessary for your intended major. To learn more, visit the Major Planning Worksheets collection.

Discovery Core Experience

DCX courses are designed to support you in forming connections with communities of peers and scholars by encouraging you to take ownership of your growth through transformative learning, engaged scholarship, and active reflection. DCX courses are at the center of FYPP and include a wide range of electives that fulfill distribution and prerequisite requirements of UWB; and provide students the opportunity to explore a range of topics such as biology, business, chemistry, mathematics, literature, writing, psychology, sociology, computer science, or philosophy. Priority for DCX courses is given to first-year students, but will then open to all students. For find out more about DXC, visit the Discovery Core Experience page.

Running Start & Transfer Students

Your achievements as a Running Start or Transfer Student give you invaluable experience for pursuing your goals here at UW Bothell. Because of your previous college experience, you may feel like a freshman and a transfer student. We have collected some guidance specific to your unique situation on the Running Start & Transfer student pages to help you acclimate, capitalize on your previous hard work, and help you to develop new goals here at UW Bothell.