Christopherson Business Travel (CBT) Guide

Christopherson Business Travel (CBT) uses a travel-management system, AirPortal, that has been customized for the University of Washington, Bothell Campus. Christopherson AirPortal supports all of the UW-negotiated agreements that are available to UWB travelers. Many of these discounts are not available through other travel agencies, Internet booking engines or direct retail websites.

Prior to Travel

  • Click Create Travel Profile to create a profile on the Christopherson AirPortal website.
  • All UW and State airline, hotel, and rental car contracts are loaded in the Christopherson AirPortal website and available for use.
  • Fiscal and Audit Services (FAS) activates new profiles when they are created.  The system may take up to a day to sync with the new profile. Please wait 24 hours before booking your first itinerary.
  • A completed and signed Pre-Travel Approval Form must be submitted via the FAS Service Request Form prior to booking.
  • Book online: Use the self-service website: Christopherson AirPortal or contact a travel agent by e-mail or phone: or (888) 220-1072.
  • Airline, Rail/Bus fares may be booked on the CTA account if no personal time is included with the trip. Hotel and rental car bookings require travelers to use their own credit card and claim reimbursement. For more information, please see FAS Central Travel Account (CTA) guide.
  • Bookings on the CTA account require approval from FAS before it is confirmed and finalized. Bookings must be received by FAS for approval by 12 pm PST, Monday – Friday to ensure booking price does not change. If these hours are not convenient, you may book your trip using another method.
  • Select “UW Bothell CTA” when booking airfare using the online CBT AirPortal.
  • Airfare that includes personal time require travelers to use their own credit card and claim reimbursement. A comparison airfare is required at the time you book your airfare.
  • When booking international travel, calling a CBT travel agent for assistance is highly recommended.
  • Change flight reservation: If you have to change your airfare reservation once it is confirmed/ticketed. Please contact the CBT agents at (888) 220-1072 or email at Click on Change/Cancellation of Travel Plans for allowable reasons for travel changes or cancellations.
  • Technical Issues: While booking in CBT AirPortal if you have issues or errors with the reservation, please contact the Online Support at (888) 535-0179 or email

During Travel

Duty of care: The Christopherson AirPortal’s centralized database helps identify, locate, and support travelers.

24/7 support: CBT itineraries are supported with around-the-clock service and for after-hours assistance. Contact CBT agents at (888) 220-1072, Emergency After Hours Assistance at (800) 960-7862, or Emergency International After Hours Assistance at (682) 233-1914.

Post Travel

For reimbursement, submit the following documentation to the point person/unit fiscal person to process:

  1. Completed Pre-Travel Approval Form.
  2. A copy of itinerary and conference brochure.
  3. Comparison Airfare (if traveler included personal time).
  4. Any applicable travel receipts.

Contact Us

If you need assistance or have questions, submit a Service Request to Fiscal and Audit Services.