Jason Frederick Lambacher


Jason Lambacher

Ph.D. Political Science, University of Washington

Office: UW1-391
Phone: (206) 307-4563
Email: jlambach@uw.edu


Political Theory, International Relations, Environmental Political Theory, Environmental Ethics, Global Environmental Politics, Global Justice & Activism, Philosophy

Recent Courses Taught

American Government & Politics
Art & Politics of Walking
Contemporary Political Ideas & Ideologies
Democracy, Politics, and Freedom
Environmental Ethics
Global Environmental Politics
Global Justice Activism & NGOs
Individuality & Individualism
International Relations
Intro to Philosophy


Politics of Extinction, Democratic Theory, Critical Globalization Studies, Green Civic Republicanism, Freedom and Green Politics, International Peace Parks, Politics of Ecological Nostalgia, Wilderness & Wildness, Cross-Cultural Dialogue

Selected Publications

  • “Extinction & Democracy: Wildness, Wilderness, and Global Conservation.”  Interdisciplinary Environmental Review, Vol. 18, Nos 3/4, pp. 325-349 (2017)
  • Justice, Power, and Activism:  What the Goldman Environmental Prize Winners Teach Us About Resilience and Democracy.”  Curriculum for the Bioregion (2017)
  • “Limits of Freedom and the Freedom of Limits,” in Oxford Handbook of Environmental Political Theory (Oxford 2016)
  • “Nesting Cranes:  Envisioning A Russo-Japanese Peace Park in the Kuril Islands,” in Peace Parks:  Conservation and Conflict Resolution (Saleem Ali, Editor), (MIT Press 2007)
  • Book Review:  The Green State:  Rethinking Democracy and Sovereignty (Robyn Eckersley), in Global Environmental Politics V.4 n.4 (2004), MIT Press