Enrique Reynoso

Assistant Teaching Professor

Enrique Reynoso

Ph.D, English, Purdue University

Office: UW1-335
Email: ereynoso@uw.edu
Phone: 425.352.5065
Website: rickyreynoso.com


My work is centered around the fields of Professional and Technical Writing, Critical Race Theory, and Public Rhetoric(s). I am a member of the Association of Teachers of Technical Writing (ATTW), the NCTE Latinx Caucus, and the Special Interest Group on the Design of Communication (SIGDOC).


As much as possible, I try to attune my teaching towards what students want and need from the course. I make use of genre theory as a way of explaining writing across disciplines while recognizing that not all writing fits into “neat” patterns.

Prior to arriving at UW Bothell, I worked as Assistant Professor of English Writing at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville.

Recent Courses Taught

B WRIT 134
B WRIT 135


My research is primarily situated at the intersections of globalization and marginalized populations including migrant workers and the undocumented. In drawing together traditionally excluded users of technologies (such as migrant workers and the undocumented) with questions about access and mobility, my research weaves together both culturally transformative technical communication and the challenges of digital spaces.

I am currently working on two projects; the first being a co-written article about Reddit and moderation practices. The second is a case-study on the writing practices and documents of a non-profit in the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas.

Selected Publications

  • Reynoso, E. (Accepted). Pull yourself up by your broadband: Access and advocacy for invisible populations. Undocumented Collection. Forthcoming.