Colin Danby

Colin Danby


B.A. Classics, Dartmouth College
Ph.D. Economics, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Office: UW1-245
Phone: 425-352-5285
Email: danby@uw.edu
Mailing: Box 358530, 18115 Campus Way NE, Bothell, WA 98011-8246
Webpage: http://faculty.washington.edu/danby/


IAS is a unique, strongly interdisciplinary program that lets us apply the insights available through specific disciplines to larger questions. One of my roles in the program is to make tools and frameworks from various traditions within political economy accessible to students who want to understand the world around them. Most courses reflect a conception of social science as a single project incorporating cultural, social, and material analysis. I am strongly interested in inductive approaches, developing ideas through the study of particular examples.

My home page lists current courses and those scheduled for the coming semesters, and provides links to syllabi and other course material.


Current scholarship addresses:

  • Application of Post Keynesian insights about money and finance to households and kin systems.
  • Application of Post Keynesian financial theory to Mexico and other open economies.
  • History of Latin American economic thought.