United States Senator Patty Murray receives her copy of Badass Womxn in the Pacific Northwest!

United States Senator Patty Murray with her copy of Badass Womxn in the Pacific Northwest!

Senator Patty Murray is one of the “badass womxn” featured in a zine created by IAS faculty member Julie Shayne’s students. Students in her Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies (GWSS) class “Rad Womxn in the Global South” (BIS 227) named themselves the UWB Zine Queenz and collectively wrote and illustrated the zine, along with a companion open-access version, that tells the story of 41 living and deceased badass womxn in the Pacific Northwest. (You can see the whole zine here.)

One featured womxn is Senator Patty Murray. Marjan Didra (GWSS and M.A. in Policy Studies alumn) presently works for Senator Murray as her King County Veteran Affairs Director. Marjan offered to hand deliver Senator Murray a copy (see photo above).

The zine was a very labor intensive project for the entire class, who are thrilled to share it with as many of the featured badasses as they can! (You can read more about the making of the zine here.) GWSS and the UWB Zine Queenz are grateful to Marjan for delivering it.

Senator Murray, we hope you enjoyed the zine!

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