Teaching & Learning Minor

A new minor for future educators in all learning settings

The Teaching and Learning Minor is for students in any major who want to strengthen their knowledge of teaching in schools or other community settings.

  • K-12 Schools
  • Recreation Centers
  • Museums
  • Health Clinics
  • Professional Training

Develop a deeper understanding of topics that impact teachers and educators at all levels such as human development and learning, pedagogy, and diversity in the classroom. Several classes in this Minor provide opportunities to observe and volunteer in formal and informal educational settings.

The Teaching and Learning Minor is comprised of 6 courses (30 credits) that, when taken together, lay a strong foundation for future educators in a wide variety of settings.

Required Courses:

  1. B EDUC 220 Education and Society (5 cr) I&S OR
    B EDUC 230 Culture, Knowledge, and Education (5 cr) I&S
  2. B EDUC 315 History of Education in the United States (5 cr) I&S
  3. B EDUC 391 The Impact of Technology on Teaching and Learning (5 cr)       or B EDUC 476 New Literacies for Digital Learning (5 cr)
  4. B EDUC 330 Race, Culture and Identity in the Classroom (5 cr)
  5. B EDUC 456 Adolescents in School and Society (5 cr) I&S
  6. B EDUC 470 (previously 491) Disability Culture in Schools and Society (5 cr) or B EDUC 403 Introduction to Special Education (5 cr)

Advising Appointments

The Teaching and Learning Minor is open to students in all majors.  If you are interested in teaching or becoming a community educator, contact The School of Educational Studies uwbses@uw.edu to make an appointment for advising, or consider enrolling in one of the above courses to learn more about the foundations of teaching.

Make and appointment to talk with an advisor today! Email  uwbses@uw.edu