UW Bothell values will not waver

I recently learned that several of our Muslim women students were approached by several men, who then demanded that the women remove their hijabs. This intrusion took place on our campus.
Let me be clear. This type of behavior is abhorrent and will not be tolerated at UW Bothell. This is not only a violation of the women’s right to practice their faith, it is also a clear violation of our values at UW Bothell. In addition, such an act may be potentially a criminal assault, and a hate crime. This is a serious offense.
We will not tolerate this kind of behavior. You should not tolerate it either. If you see it, or experience it, report it. Tell someone—a friend, a faculty member, Safe Campus, or Campus Safety, so that we can aggressively follow up. UW Bothell is in the process of creating a bias response form for anyone on campus who has experienced, or been a witness to, an incident of bias or discrimination. This form will be available to the campus community within the next few days. 
We will work to ensure this community lives up to our commitment to being an open, inclusive, welcoming and safe campus.