Campus incident under investigation

Dear UW Bothell Community,
I am upset to learn about some suspicious incidents that have taken place on our campus recently and am writing to share what we know about them so far and ask for your help.
Yesterday, a student found feces in the shower room located on the lower level of UW1. The feces was in a plastic bag inside a locker. Earlier in January, facilities staff reported that someone may be defecating behind a barrier along the parking lot across from Chase House. Feces has been found in that same location three times in a three-week period.
The incident yesterday is of particular and grave concern for a significant reason: The shower room is used by many people before entering the nearby Reflection Room, including Muslim members of our community who use that space to pray. Upon hearing of the incident, some students have raised questions about whether the shower room was defiled in malice.
We take this incident and these concerns very seriously.
Campus Safety was quickly called to the scene to begin an investigation, which is now ongoing in partnership with the Bothell Police Department. We do not yet have more information about who is behind these incidents, what motivated them or if the UW1 and parking lot incidents are related. If you have any relevant information, please report it to Campus Safety.
What we do know is that members of our community feel afraid and angered by what occurred in the shower room. I, too, am disturbed and am calling on all of us at UW Bothell to show our solidarity and support for our Muslim students, faculty and staff.
We have an opportunity right now to engage in open dialogue about what we can do to make our campus what we all aspire and must constantly work for it to be: a welcoming and inclusive place. Let’s face it together.
We strongly condemn malicious acts of intolerance and, most importantly, our resolve to prevent such acts is only strengthened, along with our renewed commitment to creating a safe, diverse, and an inclusive campus and environment for all.