First Year & Pre-Major Program (FYPP)

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The UW Bothell lower division experience

First-Year and Pre-major Program (FYPP) courses are 100 and 200 level courses geared mainly to students who have not yet entered a major, although some electives are open to all students. FYPP courses include many required writing courses, academic support courses, and some pre-requisite and introductory level corses that span the interests of all programs on campus. The FYPP first-year curriculum is centered around the Discovery Core.

Discovery Core

Discovery Core is considered a signature program of UW Bothell to help students orient to the University, develop community with other new students and explore the interdisciplinarity of studies offered at UW Bothell. All students entering UWB as a pre-major student are required to take BCORE in their first quarter. This includes first-time first-year students as well as any student entering with pre-major status regardless of credits completed. First year students in any major entering with less than 45 credits must also take a BCORE in their first quarter. Transfer students with 45+ credits may petition to opt out of Discovery Core provided that all other general education requirements have been met. Students who do not complete a Discovery Core in their first quarter will have a hold placed on their registration for the following quarter and must meet with a pre-major advisor to enroll in an BCORE course.

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