Student Academic Enhancement Fund (SAEF) Application


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UW Bothell students have the opportunity to apply for travel funds from the Student Academic Enhancement Fund (SAEF), established by the Services and Activities Fee Committee and administered by ASUWB. Awards of up to $1,500 are available to help fund students’ educational travel in accordance with at least one of the three following criteria:

  • Funding can be approved for those students who have been offered the opportunity to present a research paper or project at a professional conference and who have the endorsement of a UWB faculty member in his or her discipline.

  •  Funding can be approved for those students who wish to enhance their current leadership role on campus by attending a skills-building conference or workshop. The student’s application must be endorsed by the student organization adviser or administration.

  • Funding can be approved for those students who wish to attend a conference or workshop in order to create or enhance a project or service that will directly benefit UWB students. The student’s application must be endorsed by a UWB faculty or staff member intimately familiar with the project.

Additional Information:

  1. You may be asked to come to an official ASUWB meeting to present your SAEF application and answer questions.

  2. A complete application must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the first day of the event. Late applications will not be accepted.

  3. All applications must include a supporting letter of recommendation from a faculty or staff adviser familiar with the project. The letter of recommendation must be attached with application before submitting application.

  4. SAEF awards will not cover any food cost associated with travel.  All food expenses are the responsibility of the SAEF recipient.

  5. SAEF awards will consider covering transportation costs.

  6. The application that is approved by ASUWB is final. All additional expenses that go above the approved request are the responsibility of the SAEF recipient.

  7. The SAEF award would not be used for academic credit.

  8. All students must abide by the University of Washington Student Conduct Code while at the conference or workshop and be mindful that you are representing all students at the University of Washington Bothell.


  9. *It is required for all applicants to create and update an blog about their experience. In addition the applicant will be asked to take a mandatory survey after their trip. If requirement is not met, the student may be asked to return the SAEF funds back to ASUWB. Once you are approved an ASUWB representative will get into contact with you to further explain the requirements of this process.

Applications will be reviewed on a first come first come first serve basis. You may be contacted for clarification and may be asked to present your proposal to ASUWB.

  1. For planning purposes, please note that some costs, if approved, can be paid in advance by the University, while others will be reimbursed.

  2. Please read and understand what is considered non-reimbursable

  3. ASUWB has the right to revoke the funding for SAEF awards. 

  4. No student may receive over $3,000 annually through SAEF and $1,500 per conference.

  5. ASUWB will try to send as many students as possible. However each conference has a cap at $4,500. 

Additional Funding Sources:

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ASUWB Director of Internal Affairs


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