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Thomas Tumbokon

Junior in Business Administration (Accounting)

“I am deeply committed to addressing problems that affect you and your classmates every day. As your student president, I aim to serve as the chief student advocate for your needs, ensuring that your university experience is as fulfilling and supportive as possible. Throughout my time at this university, I’ve had the privilege of engaging with students from all walks of life, listening to their feedback, and understanding the challenges they face. From your problems with commuting to class (lack of lighting and transit security), to struggles with limited food options on campus and basic needs not being met, I’ve witnessed firsthand the obstacles that hinder our collective journey towards academic success. With a proven track record of delivering tangible results with our dining hall, and upcoming transit center, I am committed to working tirelessly on your behalf, collaborating with university administrators, faculty members, and fellow students to enact positive change. Together, we can build a campus that can serve you and your classmates better.”


Junior in Psychology

“I believe in change. I believe that all student voices should be represented and those in the president’s position should advocate for all students, no matter who they are and where they come from. Holding such a high position at UWB would allow me to listen to students, speak up for their needs, and bring about change that’s needed on campus. I have had the pleasure of meeting and seeing two ASUWB presidents at work thus far; their dedication and work ethic were inspiring. I want to be able to be in that position, to learn, and give back to a community that has given so much to me in the past year.”

Vice President


Junior in Law, Economics, & Public Policy

“I am running for the Vice President of ASUWB to actively contribute to shaping a more engaging, supportive, and responsive campus environment. My experience these past quarters as the Policy and Personnel Coordinator, where I closely worked with the current Vice President, has not only provided me with valuable insights into the complexities of student governance but also highlighted the areas where we can significantly improve our advocacy efforts. Understanding the unique challenges faced by our student body has fueled my passion to ensure that our voices are not just heard but acted upon, especially during critical legislative sessions in Olympia. As Vice President, I want to use my knowledge of these issues to push for change that’s tailored to the individual need of our students. I have a strong commitment to developing an engaging campus, expanding academic support, and improving mental health resources.”


Junior in Business Administration (Leadership & Strategic Innovation)

“I have decided to run for ASUWB’s Vice President position as I’m looking to take on a responsibility that will help me directly impact my community. In the majority of the places that I’ve worked so far, I have made quite a significant impact on a smaller scale. Now that I’ve learned from those experiences, I’m looking forward to taking on a leadership role and working on projects that will primarily affect my fellow UW Bothell peers and me. I also see the work that the current leadership team is doing, and I look to build upon their ideas while introducing my own as well. Through all of this, I hope to lead UW Bothell to a brighter future as the next Vice President.”


Junior in Computer Science & Software Engineering

“I’m running for Vice President at ASUWB because I’m deeply committed to serving and advocating for the student body. My goal is to make a positive impact on campus life by ensuring that every student’s voice is heard and represented. Key to my platform are promises to enhance food accessibility for commuters and create a more enjoyable experience for residential students. I understand the challenges faced by these groups and aim to address them by expanding dining options, improving recreational spaces, and fostering a sense of community. Additionally, I’m dedicated to increasing accessibility for Computer Science and Software Engineering (CSS) and Applied Computing (AC) majors, ensuring they have the resources and support needed to thrive. Overall, I aim to address student concerns, implement positive changes, and create a more inclusive and vibrant campus community.”

Director of Senate


Sophomore in Law, Economics, & Public Policy

“I am running for the Director of Senate ASUWB position because I believe in considering the students’ voices as the most essential part of any changes that UWB may undergo. I firmly believe that running for the position of Director of Senate will allow me to promote listening to the diverse voices of the student body and make UWB a better campus for current and future students. I plan to create a safe space for students so ASUWB can host meaningful discussions on finding beneficial solutions when working together as a campus. As a student heavily involved in campus events and working with social justice issues, I plan to uplift students’ opinions and remind everyone that their voice is essential.”

Director of Community Partnerships


Junior in Computer Science & Software Engineering

“I am interested in the post of Director of Campus Partnerships at UWB, which will allow me to apply my experience in team collaboration and leadership. As a peer coach, I helped students integrate into the university community by providing access to necessary resources. In this job, I had a big impact on my students’ academic and extracurricular achievement, creating a strong support network for them. My goal is to apply my thoughts and skills to improve the educational and social experiences for all UWB students.”


Junior in Biology

“I am running for the above ASUWB position because I am interested in how the different clubs, and different departments play into the bigger goal of creating a diverse, safe and interactive campus. This position would help me strengthening my skills of being an outgoing, interactive, and an eager to learn person.”

Director of Budget & Finance


Senior in Business Administration (Supply Chain Management)

“I am running for the Director of Finance position because I believe it will benefit the student body and it will benefit me. I have the experience, skills, and willpower needed to excel as the Director of Finance. One goal I have is to improve the experience of going to conferences and events through the SAEF grant.”

Elections Timeline

Thursday, 3/14Candidate Applications Open
Friday, 4/12 (by 11:59 pm)Deadline for Candidate Applications
Monday, 4/15Grade and conduct check
Friday, 4/19Mandatory Candidate Orientation
Monday, 4/22Campaigning Begins
Wednesday, 4/24 (from 12:00 – 2:00 pm)Candidate Fair
Friday, 5/3Campaigning Ends
Monday, 5/6Voting Opens
Thursday, 5/9 (by 11:59 pm)Voting Closes
Friday, 5/10 (by 5:00 pm)Deadline for Complaint Forms
Wednesday, 5/15Release of results
Any questions about election events and deadlines can be found in the Elections Packet.

Voting Logistics

ASUWB encourages all eligible students to engage in the UW Bothell community and cast their ballot in the upcoming elections.

Monday 5/6 – Thursday 5/9

  • Commons
  • Online via survey (emailed to all students at the start of the voting period)

As outlined in Article III of the Constitution, all students regularly enrolled at UW Bothell are considered members of the Associated Student Body and thus may vote.

Ballots will be tallied automatically by the online voting program and certified by the Elections Committee.