Erik Echols, Assistant Director

Image of Erik Echols

Affiliate Faculty, School Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences
President, Pacific Northwest Writing Center Association

Office: UW2-030A
Phone: 425-352-5254
Mailing: Box 358567,
18115 Campus Way NE,
Bothell, WA 98011-8246

Writing Center Administration

It’s a privilege to create a collaborative and energizing space where students hone their writing, creative process, communication skills in a peer-to-peer setting. I enjoy extending our reach outside the walls of the Center and employing creative methods to expand upon the rich and diverse set of services we provide.

I have 18 years of experience in writing center work. I started out as a tutor in the UW Bothell Writing Center while an undergraduate in Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences. That experience taught me that writing centers are a home for me. After I completed my BA in Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, I took every opportunity I could to immerse myself in writing center praxis and community.

Mentoring, teaching and working with students is what gets me through a 45-minute commute each morning. Especially the tutors I recruit, hire, train and work closely with until they graduate. I get to watch them grow and develop into the people they’ll be for their lifetime. I’m fortunate to support them in chasing their dreams, writing letters of recommendation and eventually celebrating with them when they get into a program or the job that starts their career.

Recent Courses Taught

BWRIT 137 Writing Studio
BHS 400 Research Journal

Selected Research/Scholarship

“Where Are We? Writing Centers as Sites (and Sources?) of EXISTential Conundrums.” with Kim Sharp. Northwest Writing Center Association Conference CFP, Bothell, WA 2020.

“Creating Community at the Center: A (Re)Visioning Workshop.” with Karen Rosenberg. Pacific Northwest Writing Center Association, Yakima, WA. 2019.

“Resist/Assist: A Workshop on Values-Based Tutoring.” Pacific Northwest Writing Center Association, Tacoma, WA. 2017.

“Gender Justice in the Writing Center: Engaging Gender-Neutral Pronouns.” UW Symposium for Teaching and Learning, Seattle, WA. 2017.

“Advocacy One Conference at a Time: Writing Centers as Allies to EAL/IS Students’ Voices.” Pacific Northwest Writing Center Association, Corvallis, OR. 2016.

“Teaching Middle School Tutors to ‘S.N.O.R.T.’: Using Online Response Practices in a Middle School Writing Center” Pacific Northwest Writing Center Association, Spokane, WA. 2015.

“Logos and Wikipedia: Postmodern Knowledge & Lyotard’s Paralogy.” UW Undergraduate Research Symposium, University of Washington, Seattle, WA. 2006.

“Icon of Power or Hegemony?: Rosie the Riveter.” UW Bothell, Bothell, WA. 2006.

“Modern Apocalypse: A Visual Analysis of Natural Disaster and Contemporary Film.” UW Bothell, WA. 2005.

“Flickering Images: Social Projections of Ghosts, Hamlet and Cinema.” UW Bothell, WA. 2004.