Academic Services

About Us

University of Washington Bothell Academic Services promotes and enhances teaching, learning, and research by providing integrated support services, rich resources, and a robust technological infrastructure to our academic community. 

We provide a responsive framework of support that fosters intellectual development, learning, and collaboration across the campus community.

Vision & Values

The University of Washington Bothell Academic Services program is dedicated to enhancing and promoting excellence by supporting the academic aspirations of its students, faculty, and staff.  We promote the development of successful independent learners who participate fully in the life of the community.

Culture of Learning

Academic Services provides a caring and personalized approach to service which enables our diverse students to build the individual skills necessary for lifelong learning and achievement. We are dedicated to the development of information resources and innovative technologies based on leading edge practices in teaching, learning, and research. All units within Academic Services strive for a high level of innovation, pedagogical sophistication, visibility, and accessibility to students, faculty and staff., and we collectively supports the advancement of academic freedom and intellectual development.


Academic Services promotes student success through advocacy for the seamless integration of literacies--critical reading, writing, information, technology, visual and quantitative reasoning--in our interdisciplinary curriculum. Our units practice ongoing assessment of program support, focusing on exploring the expanding and changing needs of our academic community and we engage in continued communication and collaboration with faculty in an effort to develop resources to further student achievement. Academic Services strives to support faculty research by providing access to staff expertise, resources, and a stable technological infrastructure.


Academic Services nurtures a creative and accommodating workspace that is sensitive to its employees' needs and respects differences and acknowledges similarities. We contribute to a vibrant community where people of different cultures and life experiences can reach their full potential, and we practice collegial and effective communication within Academic Services and throughout the University. All units within Academic Services actively support staff empowerment and professional development.