Officials, Councils and Committees

GFO Officers
GFO Chair, Kari Lerum 
GFO Vice Chair, Jerelyn Resnick

Executive Council
Jerelyn Resnick, Chair
Paul Collins - Business
Steve Collins - STEM
Colin Danby - CUSP
Butch de Castro - Nursing and Health Studies
Karen Gourd - Education
JoLynn Edwards - IAS
Kari Lerum, [Ex officio, GFO Chair]

Campus Council on Academic Standards and Curriculum
Suzanne Sikma, Chair
Jennifer McLoud-Mann - STEM
Ceri Nishihara- Business
Rob Turner - IAS
Carrie Tzou - Education

Campus Council on Promotion, Tenure and Faculty Affairs
Term ends 15 June 2014
Dan Jacoby, Chair

Term ends 15 June 2015
Bill Erdly - At-large representative
Michael Goldberg - IAS
Kevin Laverty - Business
Carol Leppa - Nursing and Health Studies
Linda Simonsen - STEM
Antony Smith - Education

CCPTFA Reference Manual

Instructional and Research Support Committee
Butch De Castro - Nursing and Health Studies
Santiago Lopez - IAS
Jason Naranjo - Education
Surya Pathak - Business
Bryan White - STEM

Other Elected and Appointed Representatives

Leslie Ashbaugh - Director, CUSP
Wayne Au - Education
Constantin Behler - IAS
David Goldstein - TLC
Kim Gunnerson - S&T 
Kris Kellejian - IAS
Karrin Klotz - CUSP
Phil Palm - Business
Karen Rosenburg - WC
Danielle Rowland - Library
Kelvin Sung - CSS
Christopher Wade - Nursing
Faculty Council on Tri-Campus Policy(FCTCP)
Bill Erdly, Chair - CSS
Nives Dolsak - IAS
Jerelyn Resnick - Vice Chair, GFO [Ex Officio]
Susan Jeffords [Ex Officio]

Graduate Council
Term ends Spring 2015
Ron Krabill - IAS

Term ends Spring 2017
Jane Van Galen - Education

UW Senators
Term ends 15 Sept. 2014
Karam Dana - IAS
JoLynn Edwards - IAS
Dan Jacoby - IAS
Clark Olson - CSS

UW Educational Outreach Visiting Committee
Bill Erdly

UW Educational Outreach Operations Committee
Bill Erdly - CSS

UW Special Committee on Legislative Matters
Bill Erdly - CSS

UW Faculty Appeal Board
Carol Leppa - Nursing

Academic Council on Intercollegiate Athletics
Bill Erdly - CSS