General Faculty Organization

General Faculty Organization: 11/09/2006

General Faculty Organization Meeting
November  9, 2006 ,  UW1 210

GFO Chair: Steve Collins

Present: Mary Baroni, Constantin Behler, Tom Bellamy, Bruce Burgett, Paul Collins, JoLynn Edwards, Dan Jacoby, Gray Kochhar-Lindgren, Kevin Laverty, Linda Watts and Carol Zander

 Guests: Chancellor Olswang, Donna Kerr, Secretary of the Faculty, Gene Kim, Office of Shared Governance Analyst

 Welcome  - Steve Collins, GFO Chair

            Steve opened the meeting welcoming the faculty and Donna Kerr, Secretary of the Faculty and reporting on the academic planning process that the EC has undertaken.  The first priority that has been addressed is the revision of the GFO Bylaws and a reorganization of the GFO committee structure.  The committee restructure was ratified by a GFO vote last year and reflects the reality of the institution today.  This process was begun in consultation with the Office of Shared Governance and Donna in order to anchor the authority of our governance process with the UW Faculty Code.  Ongoing revisions of the GFO Bylaws are posted on the GFO Blackboard website.  The final draft of the Bylaws will completed by the end of Winter Quarter 2007 and a faculty vote should be called by the end of the academic year. 

 Introductory Remarks - Chancellor Steve Olswang

Chancellor Olswang presented the faculty with an update on campus-wide issues.  He shared information regarding proposals to create an upper division campus in the Everett area.  He stated that the HEC Board will make a recommendation to the State Legislature on November 16 regarding this issue.  If the recommendation to create an upper division technical/engineering focused campus came forward, UW Bothell will provide coordination and partnership with this endeavor. 

Adjustments in administrative leadership will be finalized in the next few months; senior administrators from UW Seattle will fill the Director of Finance and Administration position and serve as interim Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services.  The next biennium campus agenda is being developed, some important issues are:

 Presentation by Donna Kerr, Secretary of the Faculty

            Donna thanked Steve for inviting her to campus and allowing her to share her insight into shared governance at the UW.  Donna stated that she was the first developmental Dean of the Branch Campuses and she has been with the UW since 1973.  Donna saw UWB develop from the original 13 faculty members to the institution it is today.  In her current position, she represents the faculty of the entire university, in this role she is the voice of shared governance. She imparted some of the history of shared governance at UW which showed how the strong system of shared governance has taken shape over the last almost 50 years.   In 1938 the president of the University called the first Faculty Senate meeting, but in the 1940s a defining event occurred that solidified faculty governance for the UW.  When the legislature required a loyalty oath for the faculty and the UW President did not act, the faculty worked to get the oath overturned.  This activated the University community to acknowledge the importance of honoring and practicing shared governance and led to an important accord between the faculty and the President.  By 1956, a new UW President and the Regents of the University put into effect the "Faculty Code"  that we live with today.  Donna stressed that the Faculty Code not only gives the faculty a right to shared governance but also bestows a duty on the faculty to participate in shared governance.  Donna notated pertinent chapters in the Faculty Code relating to governance issues at UWB:




A. shall, with respect to academic matters,

1. determine its requirements for admission and graduation;

2. determine its curriculum and academic programs;

3. determine the scholastic standards required of its students;

4. recommend to the Board of Regents those of its students who qualify for the University degrees;

5. exercise the additional powers necessary to provide adequate instruction and supervision of its students;

B. shall, with respect to personnel matters, make recommendations to its dean in accord with the provisions of Chapter 24 and of Section 25-41;

C. may, if it is departmentalized, delegate to the faculties of its several departments any of the powers and duties specified in paragraphs A and B of this Section.

 Donna continued to explain the importance that the UWB Bylaws be compliant with the Faculty Code for legal protection.  Donna has worked to develop a template that the EC can use to revise their Bylaws within a framework of the Faculty Code and constitute full and well-formed Bylaws referencing the Faculty Code.  Donna urged the faculty to look upon shared governance as "stewardship of the university".

Discussion moderated by Steve Collins

            Steve initiated a dialogue with the GFO on the topic of shared governance.  One of the first issues to surface involves the clarification of a "campus" vs. a "college" and the need for the Faculty Code to define a campus and how our organizational structure is reflected in the Faculty Code and our Bylaws. 

            Donna talked about how UWB and UWT will grow and that some unbraiding in practices may happen in the future.  What is necessary is that legal issues are protected, that compliance with the Faculty Code, especially in promotion and tenure is insured.  The Faculty Council on Tri-campus Policy is looking at these issues and will bring this matter to the Faculty Senate for vote.

            Faculty at UWB want to be sure that the campus maintains autonomy over certain areas such as admission criteria, curriculum and other academic standards. 

            The EC will review and draft revised Bylaws and review the UWB Handbook for revision. 

Minutes submitted by Barbara Van Sant

Meeting adjourned 5:00 pm.