General Faculty Organization

General Faculty Organization: 10/26/2005

October 26, 2005

11:00 am , UW1 050

Present: Kevin Laverty, GFO Chair, Tom Bellamy, Kathleen Martin, Mike Stiber and Alan Wood.

Guests: Kelly Hudson and Dannette Sullivan

Emergency Preparedness for Faculty - Kelly Hudson , Public Safety Manager

Kelly focused her "emergency preparedness" presentation on how faculty can protect themselves and students at UWB and how the Public Safety Department can help. Some topics covered included safety on campus, in the classroom, and catastrophic responses to emergencies. Kelly also shared what information that UWB security can and does disseminate to faculty, staff and students to insure safety and security. Safety measures in place on campus include security escorts to vehicles until 11:00 pm and emergency phones located throughout campus and in the garages that are direct 911 connections. UWB also has phone lines in offices and classrooms that directly connect to Public Safety and identify caller location. Public Safety will issue “timely warnings” if a crime has been committed and for security purposes. If a "level 3" sex offender is enrolled at UWB, faculty are notified in order to make informed decisions about classroom safety. Kelly also covered information regarding medical emergencies in the classroom, advising faculty to call 911 in the event of any emergency and asking students to clear the classroom until emergency assistance has arrived. Kelly reviewed evacuation information in case of natural disasters, stressing that taking cover under a heavy desk is the best course of action in an earthquake, then, when safe, asking students to take all their belongings and exit the building to designated Evacuation Assembly Points. The Evacuation Assembly Point for the Library is on the grassy area near the Ancestors, for UW1 it is the parking lot near the Chase House and for UW2 it is the upper parking lot. Kelly also asked that faculty take a headcount just prior to evacuation so that public safety is aware of any students that may still be in a building. She wrapped up the discussion with an offer to come into classrooms to give students an overview of campus safety at the beginning of each quarter.

Marketing Plan for Freshmen, 2006 - Dannette Sullivan , Interim Associate Vice Chancellor and Director of Student Affairs

Dannette described the outreach effort for freshman that UWB has launched to attract new students. This marketing plan was initiated with a quick start-up phase to build a pool of potential students. Hands-on outreach has begun through college fairs at the Seattle Convention Center and in Everett and visits to 50 targeted high schools. We have also partnered with UWS sending mailings to prospective students in our geographic region. We are sending a strong message that we are a 3 campus university and students wanting a UW degree should consider UWB. Our website is a primary source of information and we are linked to college search sites. Emails have gone out to current students to encourage friends to come to UWB and alumni and friends of UWB have also been sent information requesting that they spread the word about freshmen at UWB in 2006. Our recruiting and visibility building go hand-in-hand, with ads in the Seattle Times, the Everett Herald, in high school publications and on KUOW radio. One of our strongest recruiting tools is the new application process on the UW website, which prompts students within our geographical location to also submit their application to UWB. Our application deadline is January 15, with applications received after that date considered on a space available basis.

Minutes submitted by Barbara Van Sant.