General Faculty Organization

General Faculty Organization: 05/01/2003

May 1, 2003, 11:00am UW1 010

Present: Present: Mary Abrums, Andrea Anderson, Mary Baroni, Arnie Berger, Jane Decker, JoLynn Edwards, Munehiro Fukuda, Michael Goldberg, Cinnamon Hillyard, Steve Holland, Ufuk Ince, Chuck Jackels, Dan Jaffee, Patricia Kelley, Andrea Kovalesky, Sandeep Krishnamurthy, Carole Kubota, Kevin Laverty, Kathleen Martin, Jack Meszaros, Nancy Place, Zee Ramji, Becky Reed Rosenberg, Gowri Shankar, Michael Stiber, Kelvin Sung, Jane Van Galen, Linda Watts, Alan Wood, Carol Zander.

Guest: Woo-Chul Chung

ASUWB President, Woo Chul Chung updated the GFO on the results of the ASUWB recent elections.

The ASUWB Constitution was ratified, with 18% of the student body voting. The recommendation was finalized for a Student Regent from UWB. ASUWB has planned a pre-Commencement event for Friday, June 13, 2003; 'Got a Story' will give students a five minute open mike to share their UWB experiences.


How do we use the requirement that we document our teaching in ways that both 1) demonstrates our strengths and growth for evaluation and review and 2) contributes to our continued growth as teachers? Becky Reed Rosenberg and Jane Van Galen facilitated a discussion of teaching and course portfolios as a way to consider:

Becky and Jane gave a presentation on learning to document the scholarly nature of teaching. Their power point presentation can be found at .They had two focus questions: how can we make learning transformational and how does the vision and mission of the campus inform faculty teaching? Given our vision/mission statements, critical thinking, writing and life long learning are central to our teaching. The ensuing discussion centered on assessing teaching using multiple modes. To assist us, the Center for Instructional Development and Research (CIDR) has given workshops at UWB on approaches to assessment of teaching and learning. Faculty see peer/colleague review as one valuable tool for feedback on teaching. However, issues with peer review include how it is structured for feedback, evaluation, merit review or promotion and tenure. Student evaluations could be used to gauge the mood of the classroom or course being taught but many professors felt that the format of student evaluations could be improved as they do not measure student progress accurately nor assess curriculum goals. The ultimate goal of assessment is to identify teaching approaches that better serve students' success at meeting outcomes. Faculty can analyze summative feedback from student evaluations for future course revision and re-design. Some resources for teaching evaluation are:

Information gathered at the Faculty Retreat and elsewhere indicates that effective and fair grading is a priority issue for faculty. The TLC will sponsor a workshop on May 7 on designing effective writing assignments, presented by John Bean and another May 30 on creating course portfolios, presented by Carmen Werder. Additionally, it was suggested that the "scholarship of teaching" might be one of the threads at the fall faculty retreat.


Ufuk Ince, chair of the Honors and Ceremonies Committee informed the GFO that the UW Faculty Council on Academic Standards has approved three additional medals for academic excellence, (one on each of the three campuses) to be called the President's Medal. The UWB now has to decide if they wish to offer the President's Medal to students this year. If we decide to offer the medal, do we want the medal to be called the President's medal and if not, what name do we want for the medal? Issues surrounding the idea of the medal are, what will be the criteria for selection of the awardee. If the medal is not awarded solely on GPA, what will be the other criteria involved? Because the medal has such far-reaching implications, the faculty attending the GFO meeting felt that the full faculty voice should be heard, therefore, an email informing the faculty will be sent out by Ufuk, an electronic discussion facilitated, and a vote on this matter will be conducted at a later date. Ufuk pointed out that the Honors and Ceremonies Committee had voted unanimously to support the awarding of a President's Medal on the UWB campus and that members of the committee had talked with their program faculties for feedback. The Senate will be voting on the President' Medal recommendation from the Faculty Council on Academic Standards on May 15.

Julia Laing from IAS, Stephen Ssemaala from IAS and Katherine Monroe, from Business each presented a Commencement speech to the GFO. The faculty voted to select Stephen Ssemaala for the Commencement speaker 2003.

Minutes submitted by Barbara Van Sant