General Faculty Organization

General Faculty Organization: 01/30/2002

January 30, 2002, 3:30 pm., Room UW1 041

Present: Andrea Anderson, Cherry Banks, Constantin Behler, Warren Buck, Frank Cioch, Paul Collins, JoLynn Edwards, Walter Freytag, Ufuk Ince, Chuck Jackels, Dan Jacoby, Sandeep Krishnamurthy, Carole Kubota, Kevin Laverty, Ray Lou, Anne Loustau, Kathleen Martin, June Morita, Pete Nye, Nancy Place, Bill Seaburg, Suzanne Sikma, Linda Watts, Carol Zander

Approval of Minutes

Motion to approve minutes for November 7, 2001 made by Constantin Behler, seconded by Kathleen Martin, minutes were approved unanimously.

Chancellor's Remarks

Chancellor Buck addressed budget concerns and issues relating to UW. The Governor is recommending a 5% cut for higher education. Final numbers should be decided by March. This 5% cut will impact UWB, although we have enrollment growth, which will soften this impact. Our growth rate (14%) allows for flexibility and so far makes use of RCEP (Consolidation or Elimination of Academic Programs) unnecessary.

UWT has proposed to combine programs into a college of arts and Sciences and a School of Professional Studies with separate Deans. UWB has decided that this campus does not want to move toward that structure.

A task force was formed by Vice Chancellor Ray Lou to reconsider our mission and to develop a vision statement. The finished document is a shared vision of the campus. The Chancellor asked GFO for its recommendation concerning the new vision statement. The vision statement will play a key role in the strategic positioning conversations and that are presently taking place.


Frank Cioch motioned that the GFO recommend the vision statement to the Chancellor. Vote, seconded by Suzanne Sikma. (No quorum being present, the final vote will be by mail ballot to all GFO members).

Discussion followed regarding how the core values fulfill the mission. Clarification of any changes the task force made to the document was requested. Professor Cioch stated that no substantive changes were made by the task force. Professor Laverty pointed out that the last paragraph of the Goals was not a goal, and needs to stand alone as a statement. Ray Lou confirmed this correction. Any recommendations from GFO will go the Cabinet and the combined recommendations will serve to finalize the document. The verbiage of the core values was recommended for change, the word "citizens" was debated and a motion was made to change the wording of the "Engaged Scholarship" portion of the "Core Values".

Motion on the terms Citizenship and Citizen

Faculty resolved to leave the term "enlightened citizenship in the section on Transformational Education, but voted to eliminate the term citizen in the next sentence in deference to concern that this term was insensitive to the communities we serve.


A motion was made to amend the "Engaged Scholarship" portion of the "Core Values" by Kevin Laverty and seconded by Paul Collins, the motion was unanimously approved. Amendment as follows:

Engaged Scholarship

As scholars and learners, we embrace scholarship that is innovative and rigorous. We encourage intellectual contributions that transcend the boundaries of conventional disciplines and enhance the education of our students.

Our Scholarship contributes to our region's dynamic economy and to the lives of its people. Awareness of and involvement in our community keeps us open, responsive and responsible.


A motion was made by Constantin Behler, seconded by Carole Kubota and unanimously approved to strike the word "relevant" from the Vision statement. Amendment as follows:

Vision Statement

The University of Washington, Bothell will be a transformational learning community. We will serve as a catalyst to enhance quality of life throughout our region.

Our culture of learning, committed to disciplined inquiry and responsible service, will be woven into our organizational and operational life. We will be noted for discipline-bridging scholarship valued in the community and respected in the academy. Our success will attract a highly motivated and diverse student population and a faculty and staff of exceptional ability and dedication.


A motion was made by Frank Cioch, that the documents be amended to include the recommendations and sent to the Cabinet, the motion was seconded by Suzanne Sikma and unanimously approved.

Research Professors and the Handbook

Professor Martin began a discussion on the UWB Handbook and the omission of the classification of research assistant, research associate professors, full time professors and retired assistant professors. A study of system wide changes to the handbook is needed, are we silent by omission or by intent? UWB handbook has it's own stamp, adapted to our needs.


Kathleen Martin made a motion to call a vote on adopting Section 21-32 of the UW Handbook to the UWB Handbook, the motion was seconded by Carole Kubota and unanimously approved.

Planning and Budget Issues

Planning-Suzanne Sikma reported on her work with Ray Lou, Jane Decker and Frank Cioch on new program planning. The new procedures are intended to define a transparent process for proposing new programs and/or degrees. Ray expressed kudos to Suzanne and Frank for their outstanding work on the comprehensive research with UWB faculty, UWS and the HEC Board to get the proposal approved.

Budget: Dan Jacoby asked for faculty involvement to ensure faculty participates in the budget process. Bill Kelleher will be invited to a GFO meeting. If we have prepared questions for Bill, he can address specific concerns and focus on issues of interest.

Community Colleges- UWB has an uneven delivery system for bringing students in at the junior level. Do we want UWS to give us license to teach "gateway" courses? Do we want to offer our own introductory courses, or should we rely in the Community College System and especially on CCC? GFO will create a task force to study and devise a plan for articulation with community colleges.

Tri-campus Issues-UWS Senate understands UWB as analogous to a college or school, rather than a separate entity. We at UWB, however, have tended to consider ourselves as a campus governance, with an intent to develop its own mission and vision. Accordingly, we continue to look for understandings with the Senate that will facilitate this.

UWT-UWB Deanships/Colleges-Right now, there is very little support for UWB to move toward the "deanship" model that UWT is doing. We want to develop our own structure.

Lecturer Question- Given that the vision statement concerns itself with an "inclusive community" we have found that the lecturer status may create problems in as much as it creates a rank without full rights and privileges. It would appear to violate AAUP guidelines for academic freedom as these pertain to tenure, which lecturers are not eligible for. Professor Jacoby sought input on lecturer status on listserv and received the response that the rank was created to enhance flexibility. GFO will study this issue, get feedback from the lecturers and look at options regarding long-term contracts and security for lecturers.

GFO needs to stimulate participation.

Minutes submitted by Barbara Van Sant