General Faculty Organization

General Faculty Organization: 01/17/2001

Arnie Berger, Frank Cioch, JoLynn Edwards, Diane Gillespie, Mary Huneke, Ufuk Ince, Chuck Jackels, Dan Jacoby, Andrea Kovalesky, Kevin Laverty, Baili Liu, Kathleen Martin, Jack Meszaros, June Morita, Susanne Sikma, Michael Stiber, Kelvin Sung, Linda Watts, Linda Westbrook, Carol Zander

The meeting was called to order at 2:38 p.m.

Updates on Budgets, Physical Plant, SEC/Senate

The Governor's proposed budget does not include many additional FTE's for the University of Washington. The growth rate for the University of Washington, Bothell is about half of what we requested. Increases in salaries will probably be approximately two percent. Increased benefits costs will not be covered. The capital budget includes some funds for the access ramp to the campus, but none for additional buildings. President McCormick has proposed a two-pronged approach to the Governor's budget: (1) arrange for supporters from the campus to lobby in Olympia and consider launching/joining votes for higher education initiatives; (2) consider ways to save money and privatize appropriate functions. He is hoping to gain more flexibility on tuition levels and spending. Regarding building issues, Bill Kelleher and Scott Grindy are looking at solutions to the concerns raised by the faculty. Jack Meszaros reported that Ray Lou is creating a task force to revisit UWB's vision and mission statements.

Committee Reports

Ad Hoc Group on Leadership: Kathleen Martin is working with a group (John Austin, Dan Jacoby, Chuck Jackels, and Suzanne Sikma) to respond to cross-programmatic interest in leadership. They hope to develop a credit course that will tie in with the Distinguished Lecture Seminar.

Faculty Affairs: Dan Jacoby reported that Mary Huneke is working on issues pertaining to enhancing the campus (sense of community). Jim Miller is attempting to determine if it is possible to develop a timeslot during which the entire faculty can meet during the academic year. In addition, they would like to develop a calendar of events for the entire campus. Linda Westbrook and Cherry Banks are reviewing the Executive Council and GFO's roles and responsibilities. In conjunction with this activity, that subcommittee will review the Faculty Handbook for changes that need to be made and inconsistencies.


Academic Affairs will be reviewing the admissions and graduation requirements at UWB pertaining to proficiency in English.

JoLynn Edwards has volunteered to start a mini lectures and concerts series next year. She asked the faculty to send her any ideas they may have concerning possible concerts, exhibitions, readings, etc. She also volunteered to plan (with Kathleen Martin) this year's Distinguished Lecture Series.

Introduction of New Faculty

The new faculty were introduced and gave a brief summary of their background and research areas. The speakers were: Ufuk Ince, Business Program; Frank Cioch, Computing and Software Systems; Baili Liu, Computing and Software Systems; and June Morita, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:45 p.m.


Minutes submitted by Patti Bellecy