General Faculty Organization

General Faculty Organization: 10/25/2000

Mary Abrums, Cherry Banks, Constantin Behler, Warren Buck, Bruce Burgett,, Colin Danby, Jane Decker, Frank Cioch, JoLynn Edwards, Martha Groom, Jack Meszaros, Chuck Jackels, Dan Jacoby, Andrea Kovalesky, Carole Kubota, Kevin Laverty, Baili Liu, Ray Lou, Kathleen Martin, June Morita, Pete Nye, Bill Seaburg, Suzanne Sikma, Mike Stiber, Kelvin Sung, Linda Westbook, Linda Watts, Alan Wood, Carol Zander

Rob Crawford, Mary Coney, Bradley Holt, Richard Stackman

Regarding building issues, Jack Meszaros indicated that Physical Plant is making progress on improving access to the building by use of faculty/staff identification cards as key cards. Almost everyone should have access by the end of the week. Regarding the concern about standing on cement by teaching classes, an industrial hygienist has been contacted to determine possible solutions, if necessary. The need for more printers for faculty is also being investigated.

Chancellor's Comments
The pay phones are in the process of being installed and it is hoped that the emergency phones will be working soon.

Chancellor Buck distributed a list of "Selected Successes" over the last academic year and invited the faculty to let him know of any others. He also distributed a list of his goals for the 2000-01 academic year.

He reported that it is anticipated that the teaching assistants, readers, raters and tutors will be going on strike by the end of October. It does not have an impact on UWB since we have few students in these categories. Mary Coney indicated that she will keep UWB informed on this issue.

Tri Campus Legislation
Mary Coney and Brad Holt, Chair and Vice Chair of the Seattle Faculty Senate and Rob Crawford and Richard Stackman, Chair and Vice Chair of the UW Tacoma Faculty Assembly, attended this meeting to assist with discussion concerning the Tri Campus legislation.

Previously distributed was a brief history of the Tri Campus Council and a report by Brad Holt, Vice Chair of the Faculty Senate, concerning proposed changes to the faculty code. These changes include:
1. Providing voting representation on the Senate Executive Committee of the leadership of the Bothell and Tacoma faculty organizations.
2. Providing proportional voting for all faculty in the Faculty Senate.
3. Creating a new senate council to deal specifically with issues between the campuses.
4. Providing the faculty at Bothell and Tacoma a special option to have legislation reconsidered.

Richard Stackman, Vice Chair of the UW Tacoma Faculty Assembly, was a participant in the Tri Campus Advisory Committee. He described why he has come to support the legislation. He pointed out that the proposed legislation recognizes UWT and UWB as campuses and not colleges or schools. With representation on the Faculty Senate Executive Committee, it is not necessary to participate in the Faculty Senate councils, which would be difficult to do with the many other commitments faculty have on our own campuses. The new legislation would provide the influence of a united faculty. As voting membes of the Faculty Senate Executive Committee, we will have an opportunity to influence legislation more directly and interact with the President and Provost on a regular basis.

A discussion followed Professor Stackman's presentation. The UWB faculty wants to ensure that the UWT and UWB faculty do not lose their autonomy with regard to promotion and tenure guidelines or curriculum issues. There were questions about how disputes will be resolved. Another question is how disputes would be resolved'what issues will be discussed at the Tri Campus Council/Conference and what will be referred to the Faculty Senate. There is concern that UWB and UWT not be expected to join other Faculty Senate Councils. This would increase our workloads to heavily.

Mary Coney, Chair of the Seattle Faculty Senate indicated that the legislation will be discussed at the November 30 meeting of the Faculty Senate. Jack Meszaros indicated that the Seattle faculty leadership agrees that the legislation will not supercede our existing faculty organization arrangements, but will allow us to evolve towards closer relationships and standards.

Dan Jacoby proposed the following resolution: "The faculty of UWB is interested in securing legislation that provides for greater representation in the UW Senate through the means currently being discussed. It does so in the expectation that we preserve existing faculty prerogatives at this campus with respect to curriculum and faculty promotion, tenure and reward systems that are constant with the faculty code." The motion was seconded by Suzanne Sikma.

The discussion will be continued at the November 29 GFO meeting and then a paper ballot will be taken.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:05.

Minutes submitted by Patti Bellecy