General Faculty Organization

General Faculty Organization: 04/11/2000

Mary Abrums, John Austin, Cherry Banks, Constantine Behler Warren Buck, Ester Daniels, Jolynn Edwards, Diane Gillespie, Warren Gold, Martha Groom, Dan Jacoby, Dan Jaffe, Andrea Kovelesky, Keven Laverty, Ann Lousteau, Kathleen Martin, Jack Meszaros, Pete Nye, Bob Schultz, Suzanne Sikma, Mike Stiber, Linda Westbrook, Carol Zander

The meeting was called to order at 3:35 p.m.

Chancellor's Report
Chancellor Buck said that he was very impressed with how the new campus is shaping up. A new Executive Assistant to the Chancellor has been hired. Her name is Sharon Larsson and she will be starting May 1 (This was changed to May 15). The search for the Vice Chancellor is ongoing, under the leadership of Jane Van Galen. The dedication for the new campus will be held on September 16. Cyndi Asmus is coordinating the event. Chancellor Buck plans to remind each member of his cabinet that their faculty and staff should be kept informed about the things reported at the cabinet meetings. He plans to send out the minutes of these meetings to everyone.

General Ballot
Cherry Bank reported that all items on the recent general ballot were approved with 30 people voting. The following items were approved: (1) At the UWB Commencement Ceremony, the graduating students will continue to be seated by Program; however, within each program students will be given the opportunity to be seated next to classmates of their choosing; (2) All tenured faculty, except administrators and those on leave, will be included on the Faculty council; (3) The procedures for Reorganization, Consolidation and Elimination of Programs (RCEP) was adopted; and (4) the minutes from the October 12, 1999, December 7, 1999, and January 11, 2000 were approved.

Honors and Ceremonies
Chuck Jackels introduced each of the student speakers who were nominated to be the 2000 Commencement Speaker. They were: Robert Chapman (Nursing), Cynthia Ernsdorff (Interdisciplinary Arts and Science), and Michael Olsen (Business). Each gave a short "sample" talk. A paper ballot was conducted and Robert Chapman was chosen.

Professor Jackels gave the faculty an update on the dedication ceremonies, and asked the faculty to indicate their preferences on the following issues: formal procession (15 yes votes and 10 no votes); wearing regalia during the ceremony (14 yes votes and 11 no votes).

The Associated Student at the University of Washington, Bothell have decided to give a outstanding teaching award for adjunct faculty and librarians who are not eligible for the Distinguished Teaching Award. They would like to have the award presented during the 2000 graduation ceremony. This topic will be put on the discussion page for input from faculty and will be decided on at the next GFO meeting.

Academic Affairs Committee
Andrea Kovalesky distributed a copy of the Academic Integrity policy that has been revised. The policy has been previously discussed in GFO and circulated to the faculty. JoLynn Edwards moved to approve the April 2000 version of the policy with Jack Meszaros seconding the motion. The motion was amended to clarify the faculty's position on Appendix E second paragraph, of the faculty version of the policy to be consistent with the American Association of University Professors language. The policy was approved: with 16 yes, 0 no votes and 4 abstentions. The policy is to be distributed to incoming students this fall. Each department needs to determine how it would like to handle distribution.

Faculty Affairs Committee
Dan Jacoby indicated that the Faculty Affairs Committee is discussing some possible changes in the way the Distinguished Teaching Awards (DTA) are given. They are considering the feasibility of adding a second award for innovative teaching. No additional funding is available for the DTA at this time. Possible ways in which the DTA could be linked to merit and the faculty member's salary will be discussed in conjunction with Chapter 24.

Overview of Budget Planning Process
This issue was moved to the May 9 meeting for discussion.

Executive Council Report
Chapter 24 changes the way merit review and promotion and tenure review are achieved. We have agreement in principle with the administration that at some point after a process is clarified, we can bring someone in to work with the faculty and administrators on how to set and evaluate objectives. It is hoped to have guidelines for Chapter 24 in place for review this year. We will continue our discussion on Chapter 24 at the May 9 meeting and vote on it at our June meeting.

Two topics in Chapter 24 still need to be reviewed: how to handle competitive offers and how full professors will be reviewed. Diane Gillespie has developed proposal for doing this. Once the cabinet has reviewed the proposal, the Programs will then review it.

In regard to program planning, we are working toward a better process in which faculty will have early input into identifying new programs. We need a process where information gets out early and ensures that cross program coordination occurs in an appropriate way. Someone will be assigned to shepherd these programs through the system. Jack Meszaros and Jane Decker will work on this and bring it back to the GFO after discussion with the Curriculum Committee.

Regarding communication, work is being done on the GFO web site to bring it up to date. Agendas for the Executive Council (EC) meetings will be e-mailed to the faculty and EC minutes will be put on the GFO web page. All faculty members are invited to attend EC meetings. It was suggested that a small group be convened to research other organizations that have similar missions and look at their communication methods. It was suggested that the GFO consider whether it should remain a committee of the whole or become a representative structure. This issue will be put on the GFO discussion page. It was suggested that a notice be sent out when each new topic is added to the discussion page.

Detailed information about the Tri Campus Conference will be posted on the GFO web page.

Cherry Banks and the faculty chairs at the Seattle and Tacoma campuses met with President McCormick to secure support of the president for a Tri-Campus Conference and an enhanced role for UWB faculty in the Faculty Senate. They also discussed maintaining the UWB Handbook as a set of implementation guidelines. This subject will need to be discussed by the GFO. If we decide to retain the Handbook, we will need to consider how we will keep it updated.

Distinguished Lecturer
Stanley Aronowitz will be here May 18 and 19. On May 18 there will be a reception and lecture. On May 19 there will be a seminar. It might be a good opportunity to look at him as consultant for communication issues. Volunteers will be requested for a discussion panel on May 19.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:20 p.m.

Submitted by Patti Bellecy