General Faculty Organization

General Faculty Organization: 01/11/2000

January 11, 2000

S. Balakrishnan, C. Banks, C. Behler, M. Berg, W. Buck, B. Burgett, J. Edwards, B. Erdly, M. Huneke, C. Jackels, M. Kirk, B. Kochis, A. Kovalesky, C. Kubota, K. Laverty, J. Meszaros, B. Reed, C. Renne, B. Schultz, S. Sikma, M. Stiber, J. Van Galen, L. Watts,

The GFO chair, Cherry Banks, called the meeting to order at 3:35 p.m.

Chancellor Buck announced that he planned to have a meeting with the entire faculty on February 4, from 2:00 - 3:30 p.m. He hopes to meet with the faculty twice a year'in the fall and spring. These meetings will be in addition to the regular GFO meetings. He will be e-mailing the faculty with more details.

Cherry Banks reported that a new GFO web site is being developed. Included on the web site will be: GFO members, committees, the GFO Handbook, minutes from meetings, and a discussion page where faculty can offer comment on issues being considered by the GFO. She asked the faculty to send their suggestions for any additional topics to her by e-mail.

JoLynn Edwards gave a brief description of the Faculty Fellows Program that was begun around 1994 and included the Bothell campus beginning in 1996. This program is a weeklong orientation with three additional afternoon colloquiums throughout the year. The purpose is to acculturate the new faculty to the larger institution and to other faculty. She then introduced the new faculty members.

Bruce Burgett is in the department of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences. He is the concentration coordinator for American Studies. He is interested in the intersection between American Studies and gender studies.

Mitch Berg is in the Computing and Software Systems Program. He is working on distributed programming, i.e., ways to increase computational throughput of software. He teaches database programming and C++ programming. He wants to facilitate a way to bring technology to K-12 teachers.

Mary Huneke is in the Business Program. She is teaching introduction to marketing management. She is working on a study regarding the impact of knowledge level and accountability on consumers search for information.

Linda Watts is the chair of the Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences Program. She has been studying the works of Gertrude Stein, writing book reviews, writing entries for the Encyclopedia of Poetry, and compiling an anthology of new directions in teaching American Studies. She teaches a wide range of classes: women writing for social change, multicultural literature, and program core for IAS.

Warren Buck is a physicist and member of the Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences Program. He is offered a quick tour of quarks and other tiny entities, plus an interpretive graph of his productivity in the field of watercolor painting.

The rest of the meeting was devoted to a presentation by Kevin Laverty, the 1999 Distinguished Teaching Award recipient. His topic was Choice over Time. He discussed "temporal traps," which are situations in which one alternative is best in the present (or short term) but another alternative is best in the future (long term). He also discussed the problem in social behavior:

Business/org: diverse views on value of profits in the future (versus profits today)
Group-why does short-term thinking so often rise to the top?
Public-what is our obligation to future generations?

Cherry Banks will send the committee reports to the faculty by e-mail*.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:20 p.m.


Minutes submitted by Patti Bellecy

*E-mail message: Jane Van Galen reported that the curriculum committee has been reviewing course proposal and working to clarify review processes with the programs.

*The Honors and Ceremonies Committee is now accepting nominations for the 2001 Commencement Speaker. If you would like to suggest a speaker, please write a paragraph in support of your nominee(s) and deliver it to Robyn Pence, Commencement Coordinator, Office of the Chancellor, or to me. You may also submit your nomination(s) via e-mail to Please be sure to put "Commencement Speaker Nomination" in your subject line if you use e-mail. The deadline for these nominations is January 27, 2000.

Your nomination should include the nominee's name and contact information as well as a paragraph or two explaining why this person would be a good choice for speaker at our 2001 Commencement.

Especially with nationally recognized speakers, it is helpful if you can identify for the committee some connection that speaker may have to UW, UWB, Seattle area, Washington State, etc. I believe it will be much easier for us to attract nationally known speakers if they are people with some "local connection". If someone from UWB knows your nominee personally, that would be most helpful.

Following is a list of past speakers for your information:

1992: Tess Gallagher, Port Angeles (Poet)
1993: Susanne Massey, Harvard University (writer)
1994: Angela Barron McBride, Dean, Indiana Univ. (nurse)
1995: Fred Campbell, VP and Dean of Undergrad Ed, UWS
1996: Ambassador John McDonald, Washington DC
1997: Peggy McIntosh, Wellesley College (education)
1998: Suzanne Lebsock, UWS (History)
1999: Constance Rice, Seattle (educator and community leader)
This year's speaker is H. Mason Sizemore, President and Chief Operating Officer of the Seattle Times, Inc.

Following is a list of names submitted to the committee last year whom we were not able to include on the slate we forwarded to the Chancellor: Sarah Lawrence-Lightfoot, Lester Thurow, David Duncan, Nel Noddings, David Tyack, Pat Hutchings, Lee Shulman, Thomas A. Furness, William Ferris, and Senator Murray. If you would like to suggest one of these again, please do so.

Thanks for your help.

Charles Jackels, Chair
Honors and Ceremonies Committee