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Update on today's police activity

May 2 at 3:55 p.m.

On behalf of the UW Bothell core crisis team, we would like to give you additional information about the activity on campus this morning. Shortly before 8 a.m., we were notified of a suspicious item found in a garbage can located on the lower surface lot outside of the south garage.  Bothell Police immediately responded to the scene and assessed the situation. The item in question was a military training munition. We don’t yet know how it got into the trash can.
To ensure the safety of our campus community, a perimeter was set to include the entire south garage and campus entrance all access until it was deemed safe. Simultaneously, the King County Sheriff Bomb Detection Unit (BDU) was summoned to the location and investigated the item.
BDU determined that there were no safety concerns and the item was removed. Because there was no imminent threat, we did not evacuate or close the campus. 
We want to thank our partners from the Bothell Police and King County Sheriff's office for their quick and professional response. This was a disruptive event for all; we appreciate your patience and determination to “stay calm and carry on” during the incident.
This is an opportune time to review our campus emergency procedures. 

Emergency procedures 

1. If you have an emergency situation (police/fire/medical) call 911 
2. If you see or smell something suspicious, call campus security at 425-352-5222. Please call campus security FIRST. They will investigate quickly and initiate an appropriate response as outlined in our campus emergency plan. 
3. Sign up for UW Alert. This is the tool we use first to notify the campus community of a closure or emergency. During an incident, we will issue updates on 
The safety of our campus community is our priority and staying connected is key. We are continuously training and improving our processes. We hope you will join in appropriate efforts to make this a safe and welcoming campus for us all. 
From the core crisis team:
Ruth Johnson
Cham Kao
Darren Branum
Lisa Hall
Emily Christian
Laura Mansfield
Tony Guerrero
Meagan Walker

Campus resources 

We know that police activity on campus can be an emotional trigger.  There are a number of campus resources available to you, whether you are student or faculty/staff member. We encourage you to take advantage of these free campus resources:  UW Bothell Counseling Center (for students): Call 425-352-3183 to make an appointment. The counseling center is in UW1-080 
UW CareLink (for faculty and staff) offers a wide range of services and access to trusted experts, including counselors and attorneys.  Contact information:  866-598-3978,, company code: UW     
Safe Campus:  the mission is to foster a safe and secure UW campus community. Specially trained staff answers calls regarding potentially violent situation and provide resources and referrals.  Contact information:  425-352-7233.   
Denise Rollin, director of human resources, 425-352-5462  
UW Bothell Campus Safety:  Emergency number: 911.  Non-emergency: 425-352-5359. Campus safety dispatch: 425-353-5222. 
Office of the Omsbud: 206-543-6028. A safe place to discuss and resolve conflicts among students, faculty and staff. The Omsbud is on the UW Bothell campus every Thursday.   

This is the emergency page for the University of Washington Bothell.  During an incident, information will be available here.

In the event of a sustained power outage, our back-up website is

Cascadia College students faculty and staff please proceed to the Cascadia College emergency page for campus-specific information.


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Notification Schedule

Suspension decisions should be made prior to the following times, although unanticipated weather or emergency conditions may alter this schedule:

6:00 AM: Early morning classes from 8:00 - 11:00 AM.
9:00 AM: Mid-day classes from 11:00 AM - 4:30 PM.
2:30 PM: Late afternoon/early evening classes from 4:30 - 8:00 PM.
5-6:00 PM: Late evening classes from 8:00 - 10:00 PM.

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The UW Alert system provides current information on campus closures and delays due to inclement weather and emergency situations. Messages are delivered simultaneously to UW Bothell and Cascadia College. Faculty and staff must "opt-in" to this service -- you won't receive messages if you haven't signed up.

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What should I do? Common emergency scenarios

The kinds of major emergencies or disasters that can impact our university include:

Library back-up site

If the campus is closed the library is closed. However, our resourceful librarians have developed an alternate Campus Library website that provides access to all the Library’s resources, including UW Libraries Search and journal article databases, Research & Class Guides and the Chat with a Librarian service.


UW Bothell SafeCampus

Report threats, get advice or a safe escort to your car or office.

Report threats: 425-352-SAFE (7233)

Safety escort: 425-352-5359

Care Team

A confidential resource for anyone concerned about the well-being of a student.

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