Inserting Files or Images

Overview of Images and Files

Click here to learn how to add a video. Kentico provides a few ways to upload files and images. 

Insert/edit image insert image icon

When inserting images, using this button is recommended. It allows you to either go straight to your computer files to upload an image or you can go to the "Media Libraries" tab in the "All Photos" library. Once an image is selected you can edit it right away and make it accessible to all users.

Quickly insert media quickly insert media icon

This button can be used for two purposes: 

  • Images: this button will take you straight to your computer file browser and once you've selected your image it will go straight onto the page without allowing you to edit the alternate tag and image size. You can still edit the image information after it's loaded; highlight the image by selecting it and then hit the "insert/edit image" icon.
  • Files: this button will take you straight to your computer file browser and once you've selected your file it will go straight onto the page. If you highlight text first, the text will become a hyperlink that will take them to the file. Otherwise the file will load with the document's name as the hyperlink (see image below).

quickly instert example

Adding alt tags

Alternative tags (alt tags) on images are required to provide descriptive information about the image for users of non-visual devices. See the accessibility page for more information on accessible webpages.

Adding Images:

Check out the video on how to instert an image here!

  1. To insert an image, click on the media icon (shown above).
  2. You can select media from the media library by clicking the "Media Libraries" tab, or upload a file from your computer by clicking "Attachments" and then "New file" to open your computer's file browser.
  3. After an image is selected, the "General" tab will appear with a few features you can choose from:
    • Alternate Text- Important for accessibility!
    • Border Width - borders generally  not used
    • Border Color - if using, stick to UW Brand standards
    • Horizontal space- this will leave a space to the left and right of the image
    • Vertical space- this will leave a space above and under the image
    • Align- Choosing the different options will define where the image is place in relation to the text. (Example: choosing left will put the image to the left of the text)
    • Link - Here you can make the image a link to another site.
    • Disregard the "Advanced" and "Behavior" tabs
  4. After selecting from the media option click Insert
  5. Click Save ""

Option 2: "File Upload"

  1. To insert a file, click on the "File Upload" icon:
  2. Browse your computer for the file
  3. Click open
  4. Click Save""