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Navigating the Student Conduct Office

In this three-part TIPS Workshop series, the Office of Student Conduct will debunk and explore common and not so common misconceptions about Student Conduct and the conduct process. Bring your questions, and plan on coming for one, two, or all three workshops.

Workshop #1:

“Three Strikes You’re Out! Understanding the Student Conduct Process”

We will provide information about what the office does, report on what happens during informal and formal hearings, review the role of faculty during the process, and provide data on what has typically happened to students.

Facilitator: Gina Christian, Ph.D., Office of Student Conduct
Wednesday, February 1st  12:30 – 2:00pm  Disc 464

Workshop #2:

“I Have a Student Who…”

Facilitator: Gina Christian, Ph.D., Office of Student Conduct
Wednesday, February 8th  11:30am – 1:00pm  Disc 464

Discussions will cover basic and extraordinary scenarios from the UW Bothell classroom and the ‘ah ha’ moments that resulted from the case outcomes.

Workshop #3:

“Cautionary Tales:  Suggestions for Syllabus Inclusions”

We will connect case study examples to components of the syllabus and provide helpful tips when designing coursework, planning for exams, and group-work assignments based on some of the cases that have been investigated at UW Bothell.

Facilitators: Gina Christian, Ph.D., Katie Horowitz, M.A. Office of Student Conduct
Wednesday, February 15th  11:30am – 1pm  Disc 464

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TIPS are monthly workshops facilitated by learner-educators (faculty, staff, or students) that provide an opportunity for learner-educators to share best practices and transformative pedagogies.

If you would like to facilitate a TIPS workshop, please fill out our TIPS facilitator form.

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