A world without borders

Lecturer James Reinnoldt led his students to explore the mystery of globalization and connect with worldwide communities through his B CORE class, “A World Without Borders.” By setting up a competition to ship packages with AirTags across various countries, students can learn about international regulations, worldwide interconnectedness, and the ease of global communications.

Discovery Core classes aim to support undergraduates in interdisciplinary exploration and skill development by providing a broad range of electives. Students can succeed in earning practical knowledge in various fields when searching for their passion in certain majors. For those interested in local-global learning, the Global Initiatives program provides various study-abroad opportunities for students who want to experience foreign education environments. If you’re interested in global initiatives and building your connections during your student journey at UW Bothell, then check in with Connected Learning. We offer advising and student programs to help build your connection with communities and industry partners, as well as, other faculties, staff, and students.