Mary Gates Scholarship Recipients Fall 2023

Three UW Bothell students received scholarships from the Mary Gates Endowment for Students in autumn quarter. The scholarships, which provide $5,000 disbursed over two quarters, are intended to enhance the educational experiences of undergraduates while they are engaged in research guided by faculty.

Itzetl Vixtha Teoba

Itzetl Vixtha portrait

Award: Mary Gates Leadership Scholarship
Autumn 2023
Major: Media & Communication Studies
Mentor: Melissa Keightley, ODEI 

Alex Salley

Award: Mary Gates Research Scholarship
Autumn 2023
Major: Computer Science & Software Engineering,
Mentor: Paola Rodríguez Hidalgo, Physical Science Division, School of STEM

Abby Wang

Award: Mary Gates Research Scholarship.
Autumn 2023
Major: Physics
Mentor: Paola Rodríguez Hidalgo, Physical Science Division, School of STEM

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