Commencement 2021

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Congratulations, class of 2021,
and welcome to the 30th Annual
Commencement Ceremony!

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Order of Events

1:00 P.M. PDT
Virtual Commencement Begins!

Opening remarks
Keith Nitta

National Anthem 
Ananya Sengupta, Business '19

Chancellor's Welcome
Chancellor Wolf Yeigh

ASUWB Welcome
Djelli Berisha, President

2021 Awards

President's speech
UW President Ana Mari Cauce

Keynote speaker
Abigail Echo-Hawk, IAS '07 '09

Turning of the tassel and name reading ceremony
(look out for your personalized grad moment slide!)



30th Annual Commencement on social media




2021 Medalists

Chris Hays

Chris Hays: Chancellor’s Medal Recipient

Chancellor’s Medalist Chris Hays is a champion for change. Having had strong advocates in his life — including faculty, staff and friends at UW Bothell — he is committed to helping other students succeed. Read more about Chris.


Jordan Woltjer

Jordan Woltjer: President’s Medal Recipient

President’s Medal recipient Jordan Woltjer is graduating with a 4.0 GPA and is headed to Duke University in the fall. He credits his UW Bothell professors with cultivating his potential and providing career opportunities that support his goals. Read more about Jordan.

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Class of 2021: Words of Encouragement

Message from Governor Inslee for the class of 2021

Messages from UW Bothell Faculty and Staff for the class of 2021

UW Bothell Faculty and Staff were asked to submit congratulatory messages and well wishes for the class of 2021.


UW Bothell Faculty and Staff were also asked to submit words that they thought
best described the class of 2021. Those words make up the above word cloud.


You did it! Your resilience is inspirational. – Kristen Labrecque

Congratulations to all, and well wishes for your future! – Jerry Vasquez

Congrats 2021 graduates! You have overcome so much this past year + and we are all so proud of you. <3 – Mia McCurdy

We’re proud of the track you have completed and the obstacles you have faced and overcome along the way. Wishing you a beautiful journey ahead filled with interesting twists, turns, and unexpected detours from your planned routes. We, in Career Services, are here for you as you seek guidance in your next steps after graduation. You've got this! – Dakota Bennett

Congrats class of 2021! You have succeeded in unprecedented times. Carry your story into your next steps and celebrate all that you have achieved. You are talented. You are important. You are, and will always be an All Star. – Garick Sherburn

Congratulations, Class of 2021! You are an unstoppable force in supporting our communities. Keep fighting, stay hopeful, and remember that UWB will always be with you! I look forward to seeing where you go and what you do next! – Kaitlin Wright

CONGRATULATIONS! Be authentic in your pursuits and you will succeed at what you are meant to be doing. – Ciara Costanzo

A UW Landscape Architecture professor told me "Never walk past a hole without looking into it." Explore the world around you, be curious, and seek wisdom. – Clay Schwenn

Congratulations, class of 2021! This is just the next step of many to come. Remember the trials and triumphs from your time at UW Bothell and may they fuel you in the years to come. – Gina Christian

Always remember that you are an important community member and you have useful and relevant contributions to make; if you find yourself somewhere that does not see that, find somewhere that will! – Laura Hollingsworth

Believe in yourself. – Kim Wilson

Congratulations, Class of 2021! You are resilient, passionate, brilliant and kind. Be proud of what you have achieved and what you have overcome. You're ready for anything and I cannot wait to see how you change the world. – Amy Couto

You have endured and transcended an unprecedented time in human history. Be extremely proud of what you have accomplished! – Lisa Olason

Congratulations to our graduating Nursing students, you did it! I know you have made sacrifices every day during this pandemic. Your dedication, your commitment, and your courage deserve our deepest gratitude and admiration. Thank You for everything you have done and continue to do! With Gratitude – Norma Perez-Comparan

Congratulations UWB grads!! Your perseverance through this incredibly challenging year will serve you well in your future endeavors! – Sam Shupe

You make us all proud! – Sharon Meriwether

Enjoy the result of all of your hard work! – Grace Ryan

Congratulations Class of 2021! You have completed your collegiate journey during a time with numerous unexpected challenges- but you didn't let it define you. We are all SO PROUD of how each and everyone of you handled these challenges with grace for yourselves and continued empathy and support of your community. You are incredibly resilient and you will go so far. UW Bothell will always be behind you, so go forth knowing that we always have your back. Congratulations! – Afton Lopez

Congratulations 2021 IMD grads!!! <3 Annie – Annie Gordon

Dear UWB graduates, congratulations on your of your momentous achievement! Wishing you the best in all future endeavors! – Laura Avila

Congratulations, Graduates! We are so proud of you! – Amy

Congratulations 2021 Graduates! You all have worked so hard to achieve your goals and now you’re on your way! Remember that you still have a community of individuals at UW Bothell who are here to support and empower you as you move forward. I wish all the very best in your next steps. – Rafael Delgado

Congratulations Class of 2021! – Victoria Sprang

We are so proud of your accomplishment in this hard time. You all are superstars! Happy graduation and best wishes for your next steps! – Jong Yoon

The students who are balancing the turmoil of a pandemic while striving to achieve the high academic standards of their program are the definition of modern nurses. They have a sense of resilience and relentlessness already fine-tuned and I believe we are entrusting our profession to the right individuals. Bravo! – Tara Goode MSML, BA, BSN, RN

You've successfully graduated by defeating the "invisible" enemy during the pandemic, CONGRATULATIONS!! – Kosuke Niitsu

Heartiest congratulations to the 2021 graduating class in the School of STEM, and to all of the UWB graduates! Your next journey will be exciting and scary but BE BOLD and mighty forces will come to your aid! GO DAWGS!! – Leslie Cornick

Congratulations UWB Graduates! – Deanna Kennedy

Do the right thing. – David Goldstein

You are amazing & you did it! Congratulations! – Alice Pederson

Congratulations class of 2021! Take advantage of every opportunity and live your lives to the fullest. – Robin Angotti

Congratulations! – Joe Ferrare

Sotsugyo Omedeto! (in Japanese: Congratulations on graduation) – Keith Nitta

Despite it all: you did it! May the resilience you've shown over the last year-plus, capping off all the hard work to complete your degree, be a beacon guiding your future endeavors in pursuit of justice, peace, and sustainability. Congratulations, class of 2021! – Dan Berger

Well done! – Shauna Carlisle

Well done, class of 2021! – Deirdre Vinyard

The world presents a challenge; you meet it head on and become fiercer for it. Good job! – Mark Chen

You have preserved through a year unlike any other. Let's use the tools we have learned to build a new and better normal. – Alaron Lewis

Being able to stick with it, and finishing your degree during this pandemic time shows you can do just about anything! Congratulations--you did it! – Denise Rollin

Congratulations Class of 2021! Your resilience is astounding! – Charity Lovitt

Congratulations on earning your degree! You have achieved so much already. I can't wait to see what you do next. – Kristina Hillesland

Congratulations Class of 2021!!! – Carolyn Brennan

Class of 2021, your resilience, tenaciousness and determination in completing your degree during a time that came with the most unusual challenges will be what will help you shape our region, community and beyond to be a much better place. – Gulru Ozkan-Seely

Congratulations! Your resolve amazes and inspires ("And I did it all through 2020-21" should be featured on your diplomas and future resumes)!! – Christian Anderson

Congratulations! The best is yet to come. – Elizabeth Follmer

The only impossible journey is the one you never begin. – Beth Miguel Alipio

The flexibility that was forced onto you will surely pay back dividends for may years to come. Having made it through a pandemic, nothing can stop you from singing and dancing your way to success. – Yusuf Pisan

Your fierce drive and courage got you through this year. Congratulations class of 2021! – Jennifer Kim

What a historic accomplishment finishing college during these challenging times. It's a testament to your perseverance and grit. Bravo class of 2021! – Jennifer Atkinson

You are survivors and your future is limitless! – Camille Walsh

Congratulations all UW Bothell 2021 Graduates and virtual high five and hooray to all of our parenting student graduates!! I can't wait to hear about what is next for you! – Bridget Doyle

Warmest congratulations on completing your degree! Wishing you much success. – Linda Eaton

You rock! You just made it through the hardest academic challenges ever, you can certainly manage what life throws at you now! – Julie Shayne

Rooting you on for your next endeavors! – Bryan White

Thank you for your brilliance and resilience. You have accomplished so, so much in such terrible circumstances. – Jed Murr

Congrats!! – Carrie Bodle

Congratulations! You are the best! – Min Tang

You did it! We are proud of you! – Caleb Trujillo

Congratulations! Take care of yourself and others. – Jason Morse

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2021 Distinguished Alumni Awards

Every year, the UW Bothell Distinguished Alumni Award recognizes outstanding alumni who have exhibited distinguished professional achievements and/or community service since graduation from the University of Washington Bothell. Read more about our 2021 winners below!

Mary Howisey

Mary Howisey

Mary Howisey has been a student, an employee, a donor and a volunteer at the University of Washington Bothell. Read more about Mary.

Curtis Takahashi

Curtis Takahashi

As a member of the University of Washington Bothell’s Alumni Council, Curtis Takahashi has spent many years giving back to his alma mater. Read more about Curtis.

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