Welcome to the new academic year

I hope you are as excited and optimistic as I am about the coming year. It promises to be full of new challenges, new opportunities and many new accomplishments. I am glad that each of you is here—we have much to do!
On Sunday we celebrated our annual Convocation for all new incoming students. This year, there are almost 750 new first-year students and 750 new transfer students. This means that nearly one out of every four UW Bothell students is new to our campus this year. I welcome all of these fresh voices and thinkers to our midst. They will add to our community conversations and to our explorations of new frontiers. 
I want to echo the message that President Ana Mari Cauce shared with the entire university community a few days ago when she said, “I want to extend an especially heartfelt welcome to those of you from parts of the country and world that have been affected by natural disasters…and to our DACA Dreamers.” As she said in her note, we all stand ready to provide the resources necessary for your success. (See resources at UW Bothell Student Affairs and UW Bothell DACA Resources.) We are committed to doing all we can as a university to help you achieve your dreams. 
Our summer has been very busy on campus, with work accelerating on such projects as the establishment of the Chancellor’s Advisory Council on Students (CACS), program planning for the student diversity center including the hiring of our first diversity center director, implementing initial changes identified through our budget recalibration process, and beginning the “plan to plan” process we will continue throughout the year to prepare for our next strategic planning process. 
In the very near future we will be launching a Chancellor’s newsletter. We have so much information to share, and so much work to report on, that a note like this cannot fit it all in. Look for the first edition of this newsletter in the next week or two.
The past few months have been busy, but all of this work is merely prelude to what we will build on in the new academic year. I know together we will accomplish much more over the next weeks and months. 
Whether you are a faculty member, a staff member, or a student—welcome. And have a great year!