October 2016

Priorities for 2016-17 academic year

At my recent town hall, I highlighted my priorities for the 2016-17 academic year.  At the top of that list is a diversity center. Of course, we are always focused on the success of our students and it is our responsibility to continue providing that excellence through more holistic planning and budget processes. Three important initiatives that will lead to success with our campus sustainability priority are: the current campus master planning process, a branding initiative, and the action plans we develop and implement in response to the employee engagement survey findings. 
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Employee engagement survey

As a campus, we dedicate our work to our students, and the communities we serve. We will also reaffirm our commitment to the well-being of each and every member of the UW Bothell community. It is my belief that as a campus community each of us will do all that we can to effect the kinds of changes necessary.

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Diversity, equity and inclusion at UW Bothell

Racial equity and inclusiveness are priorities at the University of Washington Bothell. The campus is moving forward in achieving the goals of our Diversity Action Plan. Please read my letter on diversity, equity and inclusion.

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