Ghostlight: an eerie educational tool

Congratulations to the students of the Digital Future Lab, which has released its first commercial game just in time for Halloween. This project is a perfect example of the UW Bothell leading-edge student experience. More than 40 students were involved in the design and production of the game Ghostlight Manor. It is the first commercial game from the Digital Future Lab and is among the largest university-sponsored game development projects. 
The Digital Future Lab (DFL) is an interactive media research and development studio at the University of Washington Bothell, staffed largely by undergraduate students. Student developers, artists, designers, music composers, audio engineers, producers, marketers, testers, and others contribute to all areas of development and receive equity in the final products. 
Jason Pace is the executive director of the Digital Future Lab. We recruited him from Microsoft, where he was creative director and lead producer for the Halo franchise on Xbox. He says his biggest challenge has been developing a way for students with no formal experience to drive design and development.
This particular project is unique in that it involves so many students from so many different majors. Pace is understandably proud of the level of quality the students have achieved with the project. “More than 40 of our UW Bothell students from all around our campus and programs have poured a lot of love into this game over the last year and a half and it shows, from the gameplay to the characters and environments to the original musical score, "he says.  
Ghostlight Manor is available on the App Store now, and will be available in Google Play Store, and Amazon App Store by mid-November for $1.99. For more information and up-to-date release details, please visit the official product page